Saturday, January 9, 2021

S. Wendy Beckett - Silence


Real silence is both supremely simple and yet not easy. It draws us into a dimension always open to those who will allow themselves to be centered. ... We enter into silence to let the holiness of mystery take possession of us.

If we allow silence to open up within, we shall see the gate and be free to open it. The gate that silence opens up within us leads to light. Light exposes us with an almost merciless radiance and, in the exposure, reveals the beauty of the real.

Silence is a directed stillness, which receives rather than acts.

Silence reminds us that we have only to be still and let the waters of grace refresh us and the sunlight of peace shine upon us.

The gate that silence opens up within us leads to light.

Silence is making-friends-with-time. It does not fight it or waste it; it refuses to run after it. Silence floats free of time, letting the pattern of the moments unfold at its own pace... In silence we break the hold time has on us, and accept in practice that our true home is in eternity.

‘Silence is completion of sound, not its absence’





Thursday, January 7, 2021

Jiddu Krishnamurti - The Other Shore


Questioner: I should like, suddenly, to find myself in a totally different world, supremely intelligent, happy, with a great sense of love. I'd like to be on the other bank of the river, not to have to struggle across, asking the experts the way. I have wandered in many different parts of the world and looked at man's endeavours in different fields of life. Nothing has attracted me except religion. I would do anything to get to the other shore, to enter into a different dimension and see everything as though for the first time with clear eyes. I feel very strongly that there must be a sudden break through from all this tawdriness of life. There must be!

Recently when I was in India I heard a temple bell ringing and it had a very strange effect on me. I suddenly felt an extraordinary sensation of unity and beauty such as I had never felt before. It happened so suddenly that I was rather dazed by it, and it was real, not a fancy or an illusion. Then a guide came along and asked me if he could show me the temples, and on that instant I was back again in the world of noise and vulgarity. I want to recapture it but of course, as you say, it is only a dead memory and therefore valueless. What can I do, or not do, to get to the other shore?

Krishnamurti: There is no way to the other shore. There is no action, no behaviour, no prescription that will open the door to the other. It is not an evolutionary process; it is not the end of a discipline; it cannot be bought or given or invited. If this is clear, if the mind has forgotten itself and no longer says - the other bank or this bank - if the mind has stopped groping and searching, if there is total emptiness and space in the mind itself - then and only then is it there.

Questioner: I understand what you say verbally, but I can't stop groping and longing, for deep within me I do not believe that there is no way, no discipline, no action that will bring me to the other shore.

Krishnamurti: What do you mean by "I do not believe there is no way"? Do you mean a teacher will take you by the hand and carry you over?

Questioner: No. I do hope, though, that someone who understands will directly point to it, for it must actually be there all the time since it is real.

Krishnamurti: Surely all this is supposition. You had that sudden feeling of reality when you heard the temple bell, but that is a memory, as you said, and from that you are drawing a conclusion that it must be there always for it is real. Reality is a peculiar thing; it is there when you are not looking, but when you do look, with greed, what you capture is the sediment of your greed, not reality. Reality is a living thing and cannot be captured, and you cannot say it is always there. There is a path only to something which is stationary, to a fixed, static point. To a living thing which is constantly in movement, which has no resting place how can there be a guide, a path? The mind is so eager to attain it, to grasp it, that it makes it into a dead thing. So, can you put aside the memory of that state which you had? Can you put aside the teacher, the path, the end - put it aside so completely that your mind is empty of all this seeking? At present your mind is so occupied with this overwhelming demand that the very occupation becomes a barrier. You are seeking, asking, longing, to walk on the other shore.

The other shore implies that there is this shore, and from this shore to get to the other shore there is space and time. That is what is holding you and bringing about this ache for the other shore. That is the real problem - time that divides, space that separates, the time necessary to get there and the space that is the distance between this and that. This wants to become that, and finds it is not possible because of the distance and the time it takes to cover that distance. In this there is not only comparison but also measurement, and a mind that is capable of measuring is capable also of illusion. This division of space and time between this and that is the way of the mind, which is thought. Do you know, when there is love space disappears and time disappears? It is only when thought and desire come in that there is a gap of time to be bridged. When you see this, this is that.

Questioner: But I don't see it. I feel that what you say is true, but it eludes me.

Krishnamurti: Sir, you are so impatient, and that very impatience is its own aggressiveness. You are attacking, asserting. You are not quiet to look, to listen, to feel deeply. You want to get to the other shore at any cost and you are swimming frantically, not knowing where the other shore is. The other shore may be this shore, and so you are swimming away from it. If I may suggest it: stop swimming. This doesn't mean that you should become dull, vegetate and do nothing, but rather that you should be passively aware without any choice whatsoever and no measurement - then see what happens. Nothing may happen, but if you are expecting that bell to ring again, if you are expecting ail that feeling and delight to come back, then you are swimming in the opposite direction. To be quiet requires great energy; swimming dissipates that energy. You need all your energy for silence of the mind, and it is only in emptiness, in complete emptiness, that a new thing can be.


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Sitara Alaknanda Shakti - Love sphere


art Henry Erdman



 The forgiveness that stands before perception
shows the perceiver
the fall of the water
is the bound time of the seeker
The sublimity of Her beauty
is what prompts the perceiver to perceive
The web that which is weaved
is the depths of the luminescent lucidity,
an unspoken clarity
Skepticism gives rise
Strangers are Family
An unassailable certitude can be found in Her transparency
Boundaries subject to causality
vanish in the finality of Her authenticity
The I AM that brings the close to the ending
sparks the light of a new beginning
where circular motions suspend in the moving of the Unmoving,
primitive beyond all reflections of the Realizing
Listen attentively
Then, proceed to drop all sensing
Or rather, effortlessly all senses are dropping  
This Love sphere exists in the simplest of Spontaneity 




Monday, January 4, 2021

Wu Hsin - Solving yourself


Solving yourself ~ Yuben de Wu Hsin EPUB




Stephen Jourdain - Nothing other than me


art Cameron Gray


 "I suddenly became crazy—in my chest, the flower transformed
itself into a cloud of ardent joy that rose until it reached the
interior of my head. My mind caught fire. I became a non-temporal
flash of vigilance and happiness. The thing had neither
the merest color nor form, but had it been something I could
represent, I would have designed the contours of a cross without
a moment’s hesitation. The unknown light that streamed
inside me equally inundated the outside, the material world,
where, from that moment, I stood straight, club in hand. Still,
I could have sworn that this fabulous, illuminating principle
had, at no moment, crossed the boundary of what I can only
call by that pompous name: my interiority. The truth is that
it had lost all boundaries. This Virgilian landscape, covered
in blue mist, in which I’d been navigating for a good fifteen
minutes, eyelids wide open but, evidently, soul closed, all the
interior window shades drawn, and from that moment on, I
really saw, yes, Heavenly God, SAW as if I’d just received the
sense of sight—all of that. All that immensity, as shocking as
the fact may seem, was ME. Nothing other than ME." 


Thanks to Roxane



Sunday, January 3, 2021

Ed Crowley - It shone like seven thousand suns


Whose enchanting
gaze is this

It’s not out there
at all anywhere

I’ve searched for her
amongst the stars
in seventh heaven

The sun rose and was a
mere candle compared
to her shining light

She puts both the Sun
and moon to shame

She’s torn my entire
heart wide open

Some say the path I’m
on is full of curves

I see no roads, just
an empty ocean,
filled with bliss

Thousands upon
thousands are
lining up, just
awaiting her
soulful kiss

Someone once asked me,
what perfect beauty,
possibly looks like

I said it’s never the
face, it’s the heart
and soul

I showed them
her heart and
held a mirror
to its light

It shone like seven
thousand suns,
it was radiantly

Is it too much to
ask for the
of her love

I’m not asking
just for me

It’s for all below
and above

This world is but a
mirror, reflecting
a perfect image,
of her soul, why
can’t you see

I keep on telling you,
she’s not out there

She’s deep so very
deep, inside of me

She’s not, just in me

She’s deep in you, too

She’s not my heart
or just my love

She’s inside every
individual soul

Her image always
changes and it’s
what makes
us whole

For now, take a look at
what she looks like right
here and now, they say
the soul looks
quite fine

Some say, when you see
your soul, it takes just
one look and you
become divine...

epc 1956-