Thursday, January 7, 2021

Sitara Alaknanda Shakti - Love sphere


art Henry Erdman



 The forgiveness that stands before perception
shows the perceiver
the fall of the water
is the bound time of the seeker
The sublimity of Her beauty
is what prompts the perceiver to perceive
The web that which is weaved
is the depths of the luminescent lucidity,
an unspoken clarity
Skepticism gives rise
Strangers are Family
An unassailable certitude can be found in Her transparency
Boundaries subject to causality
vanish in the finality of Her authenticity
The I AM that brings the close to the ending
sparks the light of a new beginning
where circular motions suspend in the moving of the Unmoving,
primitive beyond all reflections of the Realizing
Listen attentively
Then, proceed to drop all sensing
Or rather, effortlessly all senses are dropping  
This Love sphere exists in the simplest of Spontaneity 




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