Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Jeff Foster - The gateway of not knowing

"When you Don't Know,
there is a crack in the delusion of mind.
And you can be penetrated
by an entire Universe.

Not Knowing is not ignorance.
Nor is it stupidity.
It is Curiosity. It is Wonder.
It is the relaxation of the separate 'I',
and the presence of great Compassion.

When you Don't Know you can be entered
by a tired sun exploding into reds and oranges,
by a yellow moon and a trillion distant stars,
so far yet so close,
so distant yet so Here.

Knowledge will not bring you to it.
The 'I' cannot understand it.
Not Knowing is its gateway.

Surrender to the moon."

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Matisha - River of The Beloved-Found/The Inexplicable Union

River of The Beloved-Found

Have you heard the song of lovers
finding the Beloved in each other for the first time?
Can you imagine the sound of all souls released
from the insanity of separation at once?

When you find the Beloved you won’t ask,
"How will I know when I am with the Beloved?"
Bodies move in the candle light
like waves meeting the same shore in each other.

To fly and feel with a heart
whose chains have become wings.
To fly, feel with a heart
whose chains have become wings.
To completely surrender to that touch
where every stroke reveals new realms.

Have you heard the song of lovers
finding the Beloved in each other for the first time?
Nothing like a lover’s tears,
the river of the Beloved-found.

To be the illumination which softens
even the harshest exteriors in men.
An illumination like that of the light
through an infant’s eyes.
The One in form, born here
from the vastness.

The Inexplicable Union

I spent years preparing myself to meet you
so when we came together I would be my full Self.
Many of the experiences I had
left me sore, anxious and afraid.

See through the disguise I wore so long
I forgot it still covered who I am.
Love’s fire burns away the external shell of belief
and we recognize each other.
The love star rises--sky full of blessings rain down,
each one a blossom of another part returning.

Bow down and kiss the earth with me.
Be humbled and held through each storm
that brings nourishment to the soul’s desert of lost love.
Give not one moment or breath to
seeing through the same eyes with which you have
seen all others and all other moments.

There is no frame you know of in which to put such a love.
Your trust is the only friend who can open the door,
the only friend who will open that door.
When you do, a flood of feeling will overcome you.
Do not compare this to anything.
You have been touched by The Friend.

Nothing will make sense
but the inexplicable union that is!


Rumi - A place

There is a place where words are born of silence.

A place where the whispers of the heart arise.

There is a place where voices sing your beauty.

A place where every breath carves your image in my soul.