Sunday, July 24, 2022

Jessica Nathanson ~ Message from God


I am here, even in this anger and despair
See me here, and you will see me everywhere
How deeply can you enter this moment to be with me?
To be with me is to be with you,
and to be with all of this
To fully feel me is to fully feel you

If you only hear me
In the spaces between sounds
You'll miss me in music
If you only hear me in stillness
You'll miss me in thunder
If you only think of me as light
You'll not see me
When I'm  weeping

If you only want me radiant
You'll reject me
When I show up in agony
When I am (you)  drowning in darkness
I am with you, wherever you go,
whatever you do
But don't you see?
You don't want all of me
when you don't want all of you!
Know that when you hold your hand
you're holding mine too
When you take care of you,
You're taking care of me too.


​Next time you go looking for me
don’t close your eyes
keep them open, I want you to look at me
don’t you want to see me in the light?
don’t you want to see my knees, my wrists, my thighs?
will you cease to disembody me?
will you cease clinging to the falsehood
that my “true” nature has no qualities?​

Only when you stop averting your eyes
to how I realize myself texturally,
will you have the chance to know me sensually.
how I long for your fingers to touch your skin
and be struck by lightning
when you realize it’s also my flesh you are touching!
next time, resist dissolving into me
If you want to be close to me,
then let yourself commune with me.

​​You claim to love me, while you strip me
of my personality and deface me
you claim I’m all there is,
that I am everything and nothing
refusing to let me be any thing.
you insist that I be voiceless and motionless,
that I should not think or speak
you don’t hear me when I’m bellowing
I blast invisible trumpets all around you
and you cannot hear me
because your ears are still stuffed
with the idea that I have no qualities
that I only speak silently
hiding your voice is hiding my voice
Stop denying my personal potential
​I want to get to know each other personally.
I want you to explore me physically.
am I alone in longing
for this physical intimacy with you, with myself?
does it shock you
​that I long to touch myself too?
waiting here naked for you to embrace me
our relationship so dry and empty
aren’t you curious about my stories?
I have such an epic history!
the story of how I came to be
believe that I can be seen
and you will see me.
you’ve discovered your divinity,
please show me my humanity!