Friday, January 27, 2023

Ed Crowley ~ The Silence within


 I’m The Unknown Wanderer
Understand that I speak not,
the language of your mind

My speech is completely Silent
It’s compassionate and kind

I speak the silent alphabet,
that only talks Heart to Heart,
It immediately quells all fears

If you cannot hear it,
then go ahead and
shut the gates, of both
your eyes and ears

Go within, beyond mind,
far deeper, to the stillness
of the Silence within

Listen closely and you
will hear the melodies
of Heart to Heart music
within the tranquil stillness,
where truth has always been

There’s only one sound
drowning out all others.
It’s the transcendent,
primordial sound of OM

It’s echoing within the
innermost chambers
of your Soul, I’ll be ringing
the sacred inner temple bell,
I’ll be calling you back Home

It’s the ecstatic bliss
of the Beloved One,
singing It’s loving presence,
Intimately to your Essence

Now open all your eyes
the inner and outer ones,
You’ll finally see the Reality
of the splendor of Existence

With an empty mind and
a pure Heart, all of the
worlds miracles abound

Feel the reverberating,
crescendo culminating,
You’ll Now Consciously
Awake, to Realize, that
It is Love, that is indeed,
Creations primordial sound





Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Eric Baret - From the Abandon


 Familiarize yourself with this availability in life's moments. I don't need to change anything in me: my fears, my arrogance, my pretensions, my limits, all of this is necessary for me to feel the limitless.

Everything changes, but no change other than the one which appears in the moment is necessary. All energies that were used to create, to appropriate, will go sit in that availability. Some real creation going on here. This creation is celebration: a creation that gives grace, not a creation that claims.

Spirituality is a concept. What people project in alleged spirituality, at six they project in their scout team, at ten in their football team, at twenty in politics and at thirty in marriage...

This missing that we have tried to fill with a doll, electric train, good grade at school, career, child, we then project it into spirituality. He's the pothole of all our fears. Everyone, depending on the form of their anxieties, is attracted to a certain type of spirituality. When it's present, respect it; but it's nothing but fear.

True spirituality is a thank you. Master Eckhart makes a difference between genuine prayer, prayer of the heart, celebration of divine fulfillment, and prayer that comes from lack, which tries to ask for correction. The latter is not a prayer, but a form of abscess.

Real prayer is thankfulness. True spirituality is non-dynamism that incarnates itself in an availability of every moment. When cancer, disease, birth, violence, emotion come, be available: there lies the depth.

Scouts, politics, spirituality, the child, rugby team have their place, otherwise this wouldn't exist. Wanting to get rid of all your problems to become spiritual, to become "woke", too. These rules, these references, these knowledge are born from fear.

There comes a time when you no longer need to search in the different streams of life. You enlighten spirituality, not the other way around. It is your clarity that makes you deeply understand what politics, fatherhood, violence, disease, Buddhism, Islam are. Your clarity illuminates all this.

And, there, there is no more word, no more direction, knowledge, school, line, teaching and, above all, no more spiritual person. The only thing that remains is non-separation.

Understand that there is nothing to comprehend, nothing to acquire. I don't need to invent tools to cope with life, create means of defense or appropriate to cope with situations.

Honestly looking at what’s there, what awakens fear, anxiety, pretense, defense in me. Clearly, accept my claims, my limits. These limits will reflect the non-limit.

Live mediocrity: it reveals the ultimate in us. When I refuse mediocrity, when I imagine, that I project a superior or a inferior, spiritual things that should free me from everyday life, there, I am in an imaginary. It's a form of psychosis. Mediocrity is basically mediocrity according to my concept.

Daily function: eat, sleep, love, see, feel, look. Letting all the emotions live inside us. Nothing to defend, to assert, to know. I dont need anything to feel what matters. No point changing anything about me

Some discoveries are meant to be made and forgotten in the moment. And for the person, it is terror, because the ego needs to take ownership of qualifications: being spiritual, meditate, liberate yourself.

Eric Baret - From the Abandon - Two Oceans Editions