Saturday, October 2, 2021

Mahmoud Shabestari ~ Free will


 You say,
" I myself have Free-will,
For my body is the horse
and my soul the rider,
The reins of the body
are in the hands of the soul,
The entire direction is given to me."
Oh ! foolish one,
these are falsehoods
and delusions
That come
from an illusory
As your essence
is nothingness,
How can you
have Free-will ?
Seeing that
your being
is one with
Whence comes
this Free-will
of yours ?
As in a play
or a farce,
For when
your actions
were planned,
Before your
You were
created for a
certain purpose,
By the desire
of the Truth.
is man predestined,
before his existence,
To certain
. . . (Oh,
ways of Thine,
without how
or why I)
The honour
of man
of slavery,
In having
no share
of Free-will.
Of himself
man has nothing,
Yet of
good and evil
God asks him,
Man has
no choice,
he is under
Oh !
poor soul,
he seems free,
yet is a slave.
Give yourself
up to the Truth,
For you are
in his grasp ;
from self
you will find
in the All,
And, O Dervish !
in the Truth
you will find


from the secret rose garden






Franklin Merrell-Wolff ~ The Supreme adventure



 At long last the forest lay behind,
Before stretched a desert, bleak and empty,
Beyond, a mountain, dim in the dancing haze,
Reaching upward, defeating all measure.
I sat resting in the shade of the forest-rim,
The last cool stream at my feet.
Deeply I drank refreshment and pondered:
Long had the journey been and weary
In the maze and the dark of the forest,
Oft had I drifted down false lanes,
Oft had courage been shaken,
Yet I never quite failed to try again
And at last the dim trails were finished.
Behind lay desires, vain and incomplete,
Ambitions inadequate, yearnings now stilled;
Before, reaching all but endlessly,
A dreary waste, trail-less and void of sign.
It seemed I beheld the Goal, dim in the distance,
But, again, It seemed not there.
Was uncertain possibility worth the effort?
Could anything be worth the cost
Paid, and yet remaining to be paid?
Oh I for the rest without ending,
If not the rest of Victory,
Then the surcease of defeat,
But in any case rest.
Thus I pondered while a new strength grew
And resolution again was born
Of the ashes of burned desires and yearnings.
Methought: “Better onward continue,
Else all this effort uncompleted
Useless would lie in the void of vain endeavor.
If thought of achievement thrills no longer,
Yet ‘twere better to complete the half-finished.
Behind lie values exhausted and lost,
No longer potent to ‘rouse the soul
That, in vision, a Beyond hath glimpsed.
Onward alone lieth hope
To fill the void.”
At last I arose, resolution firm,
Gathered my staff and compass ̶
Sole possessions of the final hour ̶
And strode me forth beyond visible trail.
Ere long the forest behind me vanished,
Consumed in refracting desert haze;
Then all about the emptiness of burning waste.
On I journeyed in time-expanding void,
Unafraid, but weary with the seeming endlessness;
On I journeyed o’er rock and sand and thorn,
Alone in the stillness that is not Peace;
On I journeyed, thirsting ever more and more
For refreshing waters of the forest past recall;
Yet on I journeyed as thirst grew numb,
The mountain, haze consumed, as the forest.
And time, my tread less resolute became;
The void without became likewise a void within,
All endeavor unavailing.
I sank me down upon a rock,
Caring naught, accepting what might be.
Then spoke the VOICE,
In accents strong, cheering, comforting,
Calling from out the Beyond,
Telling of the Glory There,
Recalling the need of forest wanderers.
Within me a new courage grew, a new determination.
Once more I ‘rose, onward moving,
Feeling more clear, though not yet seeing
The ancient Mount of untellable Majesty.
The desert journey, all but finished,
Now lay behind.
Already the slopes, mounting in steeper gradient,
Promise of final fulfillment offered.
Steeper grew the Way, but easier,
Strange paradox of a World, inverting former values.
Quickly I ascended, filled with strength
Born downward from Beyond.
The haze grew thin and vanished.
Then, before me, immeasurable Largeness,
Buttresses of the ancient Mountain;
Height rising on height, beyond all vision.
Filled anew with cheer and rich assurance,
Fast I climbed, until at last
Above me stretched the awful cliff,
Transcending the final reach of thought.
Here I lingered but briefest hour,
Extracting from thought its inmost core,
Seeking the Power above all powers.
Success crowned effort beyond all hope
And, as it were, in Time’s briefest instant,
Outreaching time and space and cause, I rose
To unthinkable heights beyond unthinkable heights,
Finding at last the ancient Home,
Long forgotten, yet Known so well.
Gone was the forest-world, a new World mine;
Joy untellable, Knowledge all-consuming,
Eternity stretching everywhere;
Not anywhere aught but I
Sustaining all universes,
Their origin and consummation.
Darkness of ineffable LIGHT
Enveloping all.


Darkness, Silence, Voidness, utter,
At once, Fullness in every sense;
Deeps beyond seeing, beyond feeling, beyond thought;
At the inmost Core of all I AM,
Sustaining all, not different from all.
Untellable ages, a moment of time,
All time, but one moment there.
From the inmost Core, descending ̶ downward, outward ̶
Distances immeasurable I came,
‘Till finding the Thought unutterable,
Here, lingering, I dwelt for a season,
Thinking what I could not say,
Understanding transcending human conceiving,
Pure Meaning close-packed and overflowing,
Containing of libraries the substance all
and more, ne’er told.
Filled to the brim, I descended, down through the haze,
Which, ever enclosing the world below,
Holds dispart the Mountain Top
From the nether world of outer life.
Gone was the desert and forest-maze,
Scenes of age-old wanderings.
The Way to Heights ineffable a mystery no more,
A new mystery spread below.
Seething multitudes rushing to and fro
O’er far-reaching plane;
Bent over, searching the earth,
Grubbing here and there, ne’er still,
Driven as slaves, joyless and dull,
Seeking the Gold, finding dross.
One here, one there, standing in pause
Looking upward, eyes dim with pain,
Yearning, questioning, searching,
Not Knowing, yet hungering.
These, aliens all in a foreign land;
“Thou would’st of this harvest share,
Of souls drawn Home to Peace and Joy?
Then seek again the way
In yon fields below.
None knows the final secret of human soul,
So ever We try and try again,
In every way, old memory to ‘rouse.
Go forth and try thy way.”
So again I pondered the trails I knew,
The effort wasted, endeavor fruitless,
The final Success, the Key thereto.
“‘Tis needless, the journey so hard should be.
A little turn here, another there,
And many a barrier and morass deep,
Easily surmounted will be.
I shall tell of the Way
Which at last I found,
That others in a clearer Light may See.”
So I drew a chart, the best I knew,
And here it is for all
Who, wandering in forest and desert drear,
Wish that a clearer Way might revealed be.




my awakening 


Thursday, September 30, 2021

Chuck Surface ~ In astounded, lucid confusion

 Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī ~ Born: September 30, 1207, Balkh, Afghanistan


 When Shams stole Rumi's Heart,
The Wilderness of The Unknowable,
Encroached upon the temple of Rumi's mind,
Entwining, around, within, and through,
Until the knowledge that had accrued there,
Became tinder for The Fire of Experience...

And a Brilliant Scholar became a Brilliant Sufi.

Through the brightening of Love’s ember,
Was the framework of the known,
Made ever more brittle and dry,
And ignited, at last,
Through an encounter,
With The Flame of Love…

Alight in the Heart of The Beloved.

Then roof and walls collapsed,
Words, pages, chapters, books consumed,
Revealing, in the ashes of the known,
The Love in knowledge hidden,
Veiled in words, concealed in concepts,
And Rumi lived thereafter, as he wrote…

“In astounded, lucid confusion." 




Monday, September 27, 2021

Yahia Lababid ~ Encounter

I stirred in the small hours of the morning. Sensing a presence, I did not return to sleep, but ventured into the living room, apprehensively. There, by the balcony, sat a familiar figure—cross-legged and reading in the semi-dark, with just the milky moonlight for company.

I do not know how I knew, but I did. I recognized the intruder, at once, with a mixture of dread and affection. “I’m sorry,” were the only words to leave my lips. “I’m sorry, too,” replied my longed-for self, with a sigh of infinite kindness and pity.

He did not rise to greet me and, somehow, spoke without words, transmitting what was needed. Catching his glistening eye, the caring made me cry. “You’ve taken every detour to avoid me,” he gently reproached. “For every step I’ve taken towards you, you’ve taken back two.”

I did not know what to say in my defence (how could I protest against myself?). “I missed you,” he said, “and feared you’d forgotten me.” His admonishment was tender as a kiss. “I visit from time to time, and hope you’ll ask me to stay.” I knew what he said was true, and felt that way, too.

“I worried,” he continued, “if I postponed this visit, we might never meet, in this life … and so I came to sharpen your appetite.” He rose and moved towards me. “There’s no need to speak, return to sleep. But when you rise, try to remember me. And to keep awake.”


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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sattva Lynn ~ Compassion


I remember one day
I was suffering so much.
Though my body was very ill,
fortunately, I had come to see years prior,

that the real cause of suffering
is only ignorance:
it is only not *feeling* who we are.

I was turning attention inside to Truth,
opening my heart deeply -
when all of a sudden
a great gift was given through grace.

I felt compassion...towards myself!

I saw my own suffering so clearly,
(even though I knew simultaneously
that our true Self cannot suffer,
since it has never been changed).

And I held myself on a
compassionate feeling level,
in a way that I never had before.

So that even what was happening
on the level of the 'human',
felt softer and 'transformed'
in the presence of this Love.

Then, as a continuation of this grace,
I felt this same compassion towards
everyone and everything too.

It was a compassion beyond
emotionalism and fear.

I was able to witness human suffering,
with such deep deep care and love -
that I remember never wanting
the feeling to end.

Not in a clinging way,
but just that it was the most
beautiful, caring, pure Feeling.

Most times,
because of our own fear of suffering,
when we see others suffering too,
we project those self-same
fears and trauma -

and are not able to be
a truly loving, conscious presence.

And this was a love and compassion
that contained no fear.
It showed me true compassion
in that moment.

A true marriage between
compassion for the human
that we take our self to be -
and Love for the Being
that we really are.

It is born of consciousness and grace,
and genuinely wanting to feel
compassion for your self and all -

and in that consciousness,
we are all elevated
beyond emotionalism
to the pure feeling of Love.  

We cannot force this compassion
towards our self or others -
we can only be aware of
all the ways we are not feeling it,

(which is also great compassion
since its root is willingness and care).

And give our selves over and over
to the compassionate Heart
that we truly are. 🌹