Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Clare Blanchflower - Authentic Allowing

Make no mistake
There is no goal
There is no path
Your quest ends
In the
allowing of
this moment’s
raw expression

In the deepest surrender
to what is
the lens of
limited focus
softens into
unbounded emptiness
the infinity of you

If you truly desire
to know
your Self
Awaken to
Let go of everything
that keeps you from

Allow the awakeness
of the moment
to meet your

Give up all roles
Surrender all masks
into the radiant gaze
of wholeness


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Vince Flammini - Simple

 Your default setting is wisdom and peace.

The only thing that ever covers over your experience of spaciousness and peace, in any moment, is believed thought.

You don't need to do anything to become what you already are. It is only thinking that suggests otherwise. Don't believe it. Just leave it alone. It will pass.

Love is what we all are. Not the feeling we call love (though that may come and go), but Love as the space that allows everything to be as it is. There really is no choice in the matter.

Just rest - right now. Don't trust the thinking - the story - that suggests there is something more to do. That story (believed) is the very thing that keeps you (seemingly) caught.

Just stop. Leave everything alone. Leave all thinking alone - no matter how horrendous or sublime. All thoughts are leaves blowing in the wind - no matter how beautiful, they are already dead.

Rest and realize you are the alive space-awareness that is the Knowing of all of this at this very moment.

And, when in doubt, rest some more.