Friday, July 17, 2020

Rumi ♡ I Cannot Go on Without You

I can live without others, but I cannot go on without you.
My heart yearns for you. It cannot go anywhere else.

The intellects eyes are intoxicated from you.

The revolving firmaments are insignificant before you.
My joyfulness is in your hands. I cannot go on without you.

My soul simmers from you. My heart drinks a sweetness from you.
My intellect laments for you. I cannot go on without you.

You are my wine – my intoxication – my garden – my spring.
You are my sleep – my refuge – I cannot go on without you.

You are my glory – my majesty – my kingdom – my wealth.
You are my clear water. I cannot go on without you.

Sometimes you move towards fidelity.
Sometime you shift towards infidelity.
You are mine, no matter where you go.

You’ve plundered my heart and broken my repentance.
You are behind all deeds. I cannot go on without you.

If I could live without you the peak of the cosmos would heave turned into its base.
The heavenly garden would have turned into hell. I cannot go on without you
You have taken away my sleep, you have washed away my image.
You have separated me from all. I cannot go on without you.

If you cease to be my beloved for a moment I’ll be all ruined.
You are my confidant and companion. I cannot go on without you.

Without you, life is not enjoyable.
Without you, death is not enjoyable.
How can I flee from your sorrow?
I cannot go on without you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Balthazar - The Call to Arms

The Rallying Cry
The Call to Arms
The Call to War

The hour is late
and the enemy is at the gate
that destruction and death is imminent
That you must wake up or perish
That humanity stands at the crossroads and teeters on the tip of a knife blade

That there is no longer any more time - for the individual or for the collective
That a radical revolution in consciousness must occur
That you must turn back. Repent!
Time is short, it's getting late
That a new man must be born from the mud
That a new world must be born from the ashes of the old

Arise ye sleepers!
Arise and wake!
The battle horn is sounding
Shake the dust from your wings and the sleep/scales from your eyes
Go forth!


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Hafiz ~ A pact with the Divine

The hermit has no need to watch the stage
Since Beloved is at home, no need for pilgrimage.
O soul you have a pact with the Divine,
Then ask how should I my life manage?
O King of goodness, I swear that I’m on fire
Then ask how this beggar should I manage?
I am the master of demands, yet my tongue is still
In your compassion to ask is an outrage.
No need to plot, if our blood you demand,
Our body is yours to take at any age.
Essence of the Beloved is the Holy Grail,
In expressing our needs, we need not engage.
I put up with the hardships of the sea
No need for the sea, once I earned my pearly wage.
No need to deal with fake prophets because
When friends are here, false claims disparage.
O begging lover, when Beloved’s life giving lips
Give their dutiful gifts, begging discourage.
Hafiz desist, for art self-radiates
Needless debate with fake artist and false sage.