Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wu Hsin - Lost writings (some)

These words are
The transmission of Wu Hsin.
Thanks be to Heaven for
Granting their approval.
They transcend time and
Therefore are beyond time.
They will be as valid in
Five thousand years as
They are in this moment.
In the absence of a resonance,
They will have no meaning nor
Create any interest.
This resonance cannot be willed into being.
It is either inherent by nature or
It is not.
These words come out from
A place devoid of
Concepts and doubts.
As such, they are not only spontaneous, but
Natural and true.
They are not intended to
Create new concepts,
But, to instead,
Dispel old ones.
The words of Wu Hsin are
Not meant for discussion which only
Distorts and pollutes.
Take them in and
Move on.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ilie Cioara - Nothingness

 “Nothingness is the void, nonexistence, the nothing, the non-thing.
Simultaneously, It is also the Infinite, the Existence which permeates All that exists in the Boundless Universe. It has no limits, therefore it is Boundlessness.

Each time we realize the State of Being, we also experience Boundless Thinking, which is, in fact, the same Immensity we can also call Nothingness. This Nothingness holds all the planets, stars, galaxies and universes in orbit, as well as all their content.

Therefore, in a simple state of No-mind we encounter the eternal State of Being, which is, in fact, the Infinite Energy or God. Practically, we are in a state of Boundless Thinking; in a split second we can place a Thought on the Moon, the Sun or any galaxy.

When we truly encounter the State of Being through personal experience, we realize our Godliness, for in that sublime Moment we and God are in a perfect communion, manifested as eternal Love.

Therefore, each of us – woman or man – is endowed with this natural functional capacity. It is attained with the help of lucid and all-encompassing Attention, which instantly dissipates the mechanism of the delusive, illusory mind. As soon as this "Psychological Void" or Peace of the Soul appears, the New Man affirms his existence and sublime behavior as unconditional Love, Joy and Happiness, free from any external motivations.”


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Gilbert Schultz - Psychological suffering is unnecessary

It would seem that 'personal suffering' is the last thing anyone wants to give up. 
What am l without this 'story of me'? The energy that is expressed everyday, 
in every major city in the world, expressed through the 'personal drama', 
could power up the city for a few hours probably. 
Is anything truly achieved by all the story-telling, the angst and the unnecessary
suffering? Is any of it real? Truly? It is very simple to reveal that the story of me is just a bunch of ideas, ideas that have no actual foundation in reality. 
 What is real? The fact that you truly ARE, that you EXIST, is real.
How that is explained by the mind is just concepts.
The nature of everything is equal in essence and totally 
uniquely diverse in expression.
Everything occupies its own unique 'place' without being fixed in time or space. 
Not one atom can be anywhere other than where it is. 
The space which surrounds each particle is the same space that is everywhere, completely beyond the apparent limits of dimensional measurement. 
There are no fixed reference points in space or time. All phenomena is
transient, immediate, and its true nature is not separate from the emptiness (space) 
which suffuses everything. 
The cutting-through insight which reveals our true nature is like space. 
The causeless joy of 'self-discovery' is beyond the intellects ability to explain. 
The genuine insight is not accompanied by any belief in being an entity. 
The pristine absence of an individual identity is beyond description. 
It is like pure wisdom, pure knowing, where there is an obvious clarity
devoid of any 'knower'. The entire manifestation is known to be an appearance 
that does not actually touch the true essence of knowing. 
It is neither within nor without – it is formless knowing. 
Even though the body still appears to be the host of this consciousness, 
it is known as no more than an appearance – a living appearance
that has no substance apart from the activity of immediate cognition. 
This 'presence' of undoubtable knowing is our true nature. It is nature itself. 
The old way of thinking, the mind (the me) of memory is transcended totally. 
Even though this idea of 'me' returns in the appearance, it has no belief attached to it. 
The 'pathway' of energy that once supported that belief has been cut off. 
Of course this suggests that 'something' has 'happened'. Nothing has truly happened and never did.
There is no one to claim anything. The nature of language implies many things that don't
actually exist. Yet such implications have no substance and merely belong to the nature of
appearance. All this appearance is actually emptiness appearing as the diversity of life. The joy of seeing everything in this 'way' cannot be described. 
Many popular teachers claim all sorts of things about themselves, either openly or by
inference. None of it is true. None of it. There is no separate individual anywhere. 
All is abiding as equanimity. The diversity of differences is only of the appearance of things, There is only one thing, which is no thing. When this truth is revealed, one is left speechless. Speech returns, but belief has been completely overthrown.
The contriving mind is restless and the 'wanting-to-impress' impulses, so apparent in so many teachers and gurus, is obvious. So-called 'spirituality' is nothing but contrived mind; there is nothing in it. It may assist in stepping away from apparent harmful beliefs, but it is nothing but appearance. There is only one spirit and THAT is what you ARE
. Nothing can take you there -because you have always been That. 
It is only the mind (me) of memory and learned 'data' that suggests otherwise. 
Belief must be vanquished once and for all. The cost of freedom is
seeing that there was never anyone who was actually bound.
That cost is often accompanied by habitual 'fear' and that so-called fear 
of being nothing keeps the apparent 'seeker' bound to belief. 
Psychological suffering is unnecessary. No one can 'do it' for you. 
No amount of praying, repeating a mantra, or service to a guru can truly
bring about the revelation of one's own true nature. It may appear
to do that, but it is only just another appearance. What you truly ARE,you have 
ALWAYS been. The simple everyday activity of knowing this consciousness, this
being present and aware, is all that is required and THAT is always present; 
it is the true nature of everything. There is nothing other than THAT
Whatever your background is, whatever religion you 'belong to', 
whatever place you find yourself in, the unchanging true essence of being 
is the same. You are that One-without-a-second. 
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jan Frazier - Looking at thought

Not ideas about the thing
but the thing itself.
See the difference between the felt encounter with momentary reality
and anything the mind makes of it.

The idea of the thing becomes
the thing itself.
This is what the ego does with ideas. They are mistaken for life itself.
So suffering continues. Time keeps seeming real. Life itself is missed.
The seeming-reality of the self (which is made of ideas) persists.

 When thought objects vanish,
the thinking-subject vanishes.
“You” (your ego) have to “come online” in order for egoic thought to form.
When your mind is free of egoic thought, “you” literally are not there.
This is because you (the egoic self) are constructed of thought and maintained by it.
The mind creates a self, which then tells itself stories.
The self lives in these stories and ideas as if they were reality.

Thought gains its dominance and control
by a simple device:
not being observed.
As soon as you become aware that you are thinking, rather than engaging with the content of the thought,
the power of the thought diminishes. You see that thought is not reality.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It may take the rest of your life to “get” this. Be patient!
Revisit it every so often. It will bear fruit.
Don’t try (only) to understand it. Observe it operating, as you live.
Let it play like a song in the background of your awareness.

Sources of quotations:

“Not ideas about the thing but the thing itself.” – Wallace Stevens (20th century American poet)

“The idea of the thing becomes the thing itself.” – Thomas Lynch (contemporary American poet and essayist; also an undertaker)

“When thought objects vanish, the thinking-subject vanishes.” – Third Zen Patriarch

“Thought gains its dominance and control by a simple device: not being observed.” – Red Hawk (contemporary spiritual author)