Thursday, May 14, 2020

Abhishiktananda, Swami (Henri Le Saux) - Return within

Return within,
to the place where there is nothing,
and take care that nothing comes in.
Penetrate to the depths of yourself,
to the place where thought no longer exists,
and take care that no thought arises there!
There where nothing exists,
There where nothing is seen,
the Vision of Being!
There where nothing appears any longer,
the sudden appearing of the Self!
Dhyana is this!

English version by H. Sandeman (?)
Original Language French


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Naomi Stone - An enchanted place

Chasing words like feathers
in the wind,
seedlings that float away
when I try
to hold them in my hand...
Ideas turn to fluff,
like fairy dust dancing just
beyond my reach

Stars twinkle away from me,
and the moon
slips behind a cloud.
Sunlight flickers and hides
in the shadows,
and the twinkle in love’s eyes
lights up my heart.

Love is laughing
at my serious quest
teasing me,
playing hide and seek,
peeking out,
blowing kisses that turn
into flowers
all around me.

Love wants to play
and walks all over my words,
leaving dusty footprints
on the page
for me to follow
wherever they go.

Sometimes, we follow
a butterfly,
or the light from a star,
and we find
a hidden door
into an enchanted place,
where love’s secret
joys are shared.