Friday, June 11, 2021

Chuck Surface ~ The Heart's desire



 It's so easy to forget,
With all this talk of “spirituality”,
All the many paths,
All the many teachers…

All this talk of the Ground of Being,
Of Consciousness,
Of Brahman,
Of Emptiness,
Of Shiva and Shakti,
Of ParamAtman…

Of God.

All this talk of,
Liberation and Bondage,
Knowledge and Ignorance,
Awakening and Enlightenment…

Of the best path, the greatest guru,
And the heartbreaking notion,
That doing this, and not doing that,
Will win the Heart of God.

Of purification,
And perfecting,
And attaining merit,
And karma…

So easy to forget, in all of this...
To lose our way…
In words, thoughts, and concepts,
And the many descriptions of "truth",

And to forget…

That our Heart's Desire,
Since the beginning of beginningless Time,
Has ever and always been…

To become Causless, Conditionless Love,
And for that Love to Shine, always,
In the locus of our Heart.

Blessing all we encounter along the way,
For no "reason" whatsoever,
It simply being the nature of Love to do so.

Love unearned, unmerited, unqualified,
Arising from, and as, the simple fact,
Of our Existence.


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Hafiz ~ O wine-bearer



 O wine-bearer brighten my cup with the wine
O minstrel say good fortune is now mine.
The face of my Beloved is reflected in my cup
Little you know why with wine, I always myself align.
Eternal is the one whose heart has awakened to Love
This is how Eternal Records my life define.
So proud are the tall beauties of the world
Outshines all the others this handsome spruce of mine.
O breeze if by chance you pass through friendly gardens
From me to my Beloved, please give a sign;
Ask why you choose to forget my name?
Will come the one to whom an audience you decline.
Intoxication pleases my Beloved and my Lord
To the wine, they would assign, my life's design.  
What if on Judgment Day, no favor would be gained
From eating bread and leaving a forbidden water so fine?
Hafiz, let a tear drop or two leave your eyes,
May we ensnare the Bird of Union, divine.
The sea of the skies and the gondola of the moon
With the grace of the Master, radiantly shine.




Monday, June 7, 2021

Rumi ♡ I am And I am not



 A lover asked his beloved,
Do you love yourself more
than you love me?
The beloved replied,
I have died to myself
and I live for you.   
I’ve disappeared from myself
and my attributes.
I am present only for you.
I have forgotten all my learning,
but from knowing you
I have become a scholar.
I have lost all my strength,
but from your power
I am able.
If I love myself
I love you.
If I love you
I love myself.
I’m drenched
in the flood
which has yet to come
I’m tied up
in the prison
which has yet to exist
Not having played
the game of chess
I’m already the checkmate
Not having tasted
a single cup of your wine
I’m already drunk
Not having entered
the battlefield
I’m already wounded and slain
I no longer
know the difference
between image and reality
Like the shadow
I am And I am not




Sunday, June 6, 2021

Meher Baba ~ Separateness of individuals does not exist


art Tokujin Yoshioka


 "When the rays of the sun are made to pass through a prism,
they get dispersed and become separate owing to refraction.
If each of these rays had consciousness,
it would consider itself as being separate from the other rays,
forgetting entirely that at source and on the other side of the prism
it had no separate existence.
In the same way, the One Being descends into the domain of maya
and assumes a multiplicity which does not in fact exist.
The separateness of individuals does not exist in reality
but only in imagination."