Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mystic Meandering - The Inner Cosmos...

 Give no respect to the voice of Fear that
divides you and conflicts you;
whether from within or without...

Walk as if the Divine were in your shoes,
walking you -
The Inner Cosmic Divine;
undivided by earthly "tribes"
of culture and religion,
earthly boundaries,
or the divided mentations of
mediocre minds;
yours and others.

Fall into the Inner Rhythm of
the Universal Eternal Being,
the ubiquitous Divine Presence
inherently everywhere at all times,
fluidly in and through all life.

Do not listen to the 10,000 teachings
in your head that you have
accumulated over the years,
all trying to tell you what is true,
which way to go,
and how to be.

Just sit, be still, breathe, and listen...

for the Inner Cosmic Rhythm,
until you feel the
Inner Cosmos

Fall into the Deep Internal Silence of the
Inner Cosmos,
beyond artificial boundaries and lines,
beyond the bluster of buffoons and bullies
with mouthfuls of meaningless words...

Just Breathe...


for the movement of the
Inner Cosmos to lead you...

Then you will know what is true,
which way to go,
how to Be...

Mystic Meandering
Feb. 6, 2017

Jami - No veil but me

O Saqhi pass the cup of Wine
and be generous with mine
I am hopelessly stuck with me
pray release me for a spell from me

I wish to be seen by no eyes
glory to the moment when
in Love’s glorious mist
I am covered even from my own eyes

between You and me
there is no veil but me
be generous and let this veil be undone

reveal that Glory my Friend
which ushers one to that Nonexistence
where existence finds Life

there can be no sign of eternal life for you
until Love has erased all your signs
and cleansed you of all yous

Love’s domain is not in places and regions
come Jami, show us a way out of regions and places.