Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rupert Spira - Love is a place (excerpt)

God’s infinite Being shines in each of our minds as the knowledge ‘I am’. That is why the ultimate spiritual practice is to give the ‘I’ that I am our attention, to allow the mind to sink back into its subjective source. As it does so it is temporarily, in most cases, occasionally suddenly, divested of its finite limitations and stands revealed as infinite Consciousness, God’s infinite Being, the only Being there is, the heart that we all share, the heart we all are.

I would suggest that the experience of love is simply the knowledge of our shared Being. When we love, we feel one with the other. Love is the experience of our shared Being. Is there any experience the separate self desires more than the experience of love?

What the separate self longs for above all else is simply to be divested of its separateness. So as a concession to the separate self, we can say that all the separate self needs to do to find this love for which it longs is to ask itself, ‘What is the nature of the knowing with which I know my experience?’

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Nirmala - Never parted

take my hand
feel the vital grip
that love lends to this flesh
listen to my voice
hear the catch in my throat
of awe that can't be expressed
gaze into my eyes
see tears welling up
as I recognize my long lost self in your smile
rest in my arms
find refuge in my embrace
until you know you are forever safe
join me now
where we have never parted


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fred LaMotte - God sings you. Sing back!

unknown artist

"I have found, yes, I have found the wealth of the Divine Name’s gem. My true guru gave me a priceless thing. With his grace, I accepted it." ~Mirabai

"Breathe the name of God, empty of self and filled with love." ~Rumi

O mind, rest in the radiant Name.
Sing the melody of God, O lips,
and take the very form of divinity.
How can I ever be lost
when I wander in the Word
that created the world?
Wherever I go, I have returned.
Needing no vessel, I am the wine;
needing no seven-stringed lyre,
I am the music;
needing no filament, I am
the electrical Shakti that flows
through every creature's wing and fur.
My rosary is a broken thread.
It's beads have scattered like stars.
I became the silence between them
by dissolving God's Name
into my heartbeat.
Why this burden of a "path"?
Am I not the goal?
Rest in your source, O mind.
Be an acorn fallen in a meadow.
Grow into an oak
with no effort at all!
Though the sins of your past may be countless
as the sands of the sea,
they cannot find you!
For the sound of Love has born you
far beyond this world
into the echo-less empty sky.
Ride that wind
where only soaring creatures may come
to play with lightning!
Here's the secret, Friend:
The Beloved names you,
so that you may name
the Beloved.
God sings you.
Sing back!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Ilie Cioara - The Listener


Each person carries within himself a cunning listener:

An arrogant intruder, annoying and nagging;

His presence obstructs listening, which is purity,

Complete understanding, clear serenity.

When real listening occurs, the whole being is passive,

Attentive, perfectly open, silent therefore inactive;

There are no expectations, nothing to be accomplished,

In its wholeness ‒ alert listening.

Is it really possible to experience such a state?

You will find the answer within yourselves, after persistent attempts;

Do not despair at any time, for in each of us are written

Endless possibilities ‒ clear, certain and precise.

Entertain no doubts, put your whole energy

Into this crucial achievement. Do not reject

Anything you hear. Encounter everything

With an open being - be one with what you listen to!

If what you hear is false, the false does not affect you;

It passes you by, it does you no harm.

If what you hear is the Truth, in that Sublime moment,

The wall of the “self” is pierced ‒ in you, there is a moment of light.

By persevering in listening, the old man starts to crumble

And one day ‒ a surprise day ‒ all mysteries are revealed;

When the individual is liberated, he attains Immensity,

The Supreme realization ‒ being one with Totality.

A natural question appears: How does the listener come to exist?

How does he create an erroneous way of listening?

He is, in fact, a fiction, which appears automatically

From the thought processes of the personal “self”.

Notice how the listener becomes self-important

And regards the world with disdain and arrogance.

Behold, someone is speaking. He immediately barges in

Distorting every meaning. Listening stops.

When there is a listener who criticizes and accuses,

The individual listens to the self and acts through the self.

The connection is broken, each encounter is empty,

Thus it is impossible to reach Truth or Love.

Knowing this, another question follows:

How can we escape from its influence?

Every time it appears ‒ encounter it

With a total attention, without any imaginary purpose.

This silent meeting dissolves it, totally,

What is left is pure listening, integrated in the present;

Listening ‒ watching are not different from one another,

They operate the same way ‒ in every circumstance of life.

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wendell Berry - A Spiritual Journey

And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles,
no matter how long,
but only by a spiritual journey,
a journey of one inch,
very arduous and humbling and joyful,
by which we arrive at the ground at our feet,
and learn to be at home.

Saint Francis of Assisi - Teachings of the Birds

Francis and his companions came upon a field where they were drawn to some beautiful trees filled with birds. Francis lifted up his eyes, surprised with the multitude and with their beautiful variety. “O my beautiful sister birds,” he spoke to the ones on the ground when suddenly all those on the trees also came around him to listen.

Brother Masseo recounted how Francis went among them giving thanks to the Creator, even touched them, and how none of them moved. They did not fly away until he blessed them. The blessing took the form of a sermon.

“My little sisters the birds, you owe much to your Creator who gives you liberty to fly about to all places; and though you neither spin nor sew, he gives you beautifully colored clothing and wings. Though you neither sow nor reap he feeds you, and gives you fountains and rivers to quench your thirst, mountains and valleys for refuge, and trees to build your nests. Your Creator loves you much and sent you with Noah on the Ark that you might not be lost to the world. You have not fallen into the sin of ingratitude but kept your mouths open with your singing praise to God that gives great joy. O my little sisters, we all must beware of ingratitude, and study always to give praise to God.” Then he moved his hands in a blessing over them.

All the birds opened their beaks in song, stretched their necks, spread their wings with joy and rose up into the air singing. They divided themselves into four groups, one group flying towards the east, another towards the west, one towards the south, and one towards the north, moving out with their praise to all parts of the earth, singing wonderfully, signifying that the humble companions, like little birds, should possess nothing in this world but the song of gratitude, and should cast all the care of their lives on the providence of God.

adapted by Barbara Flaherty from The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi, by Brother Ugolino