Saturday, June 6, 2020

Mahmoud Shabistari - Reason/Free will


Let reason go. For his light
Burns reason up from head to foot.
If you wish to see that Face,
Seek another eye. The philosopher
With his two eyes sees double,
So is unable to see the unity of the Truth.
As his light burns up the angels,
Even so doth it consumes reason.
As the light of our eyes to the sun,
So is the light of reason 

to the Light of Lights.


Free will

You say, "I myself have Free-will,
For my body is the horse and my soul the rider,
The reins of the body are in the hands of the soul,
The entire direction is given to me."

Oh ! foolish one, these are falsehoods and delusions
That come from an illusory existence.

As your essence is nothingness,
How can you have Free-will ?
Seeing that your being is one with not-being,
Whence comes this Free-will of yours ?

Imagination distributes actions
As in a play or a farce,
For when your actions were planned,
Before your existence,
You were created for a certain purpose,
By the desire of the Truth.
Therefore is man predestined, before his existence,
To certain appointed work.
. . . (Oh, wondrous ways of Thine, without how or why I)

The honour of man consists of slavery,
In having no share of Free-will.

Of himself man has nothing,
Yet of good and evil God asks him,
Man has no choice, he is under control.
Oh ! poor soul, he seems free, yet is a slave.

Give yourself up to the Truth,
For you are helpless in his grasp ;
Freedom from self you will find in the All,
And, Dervish ! in the Truth you will find riches.

from The secret rose garden

Sunyata Emmanuel Sørensen - Silence is the one, eternal Reality

A sign "No visitors - Silence" every would-be
visitor would see near the gate of Sunyata's

Silence is the one, eternal Reality, which suffuses and sustains all the actual and temporary
manifestations in the divine Self interplay or Swalila. In his Gita, Sri Krishna sings, “Of the
mountains, I am the Himalaya and of the men of mystic wisdom, I am their Silence. Out from
the eternal Silence issues the Word made Flesh and Phenomena, and into Silence it all returns... With one fragment of myself, I projected all these universes: I remain.”

Sunya Silence is all-comprehending. It innerstands all forms and functions in the divine Maya Lila. It is a poor term symbol for the “ineffable experiencing.” It is the cessation of desires and of false identity with ego. “I”, “me” and “mine” are naughty word symbols in the Advaita mode of
experiencing. In the light of Self-controlled spontaneity, we are naturally fear-free, ego-free and

I was four times in the darshan of Sri Ramana Maharshi at Arunachala. His dynamic and integral
radiance is our living beacon of actual sahaj a samadhi. I asked no question and stated no problem in his presence. Like Dakshinamurti in earlier times, Sri Ramanaji taught us and his fellow rishis, chiefly in mature Silence, in natural, ego-free Self-radiance. Integral grace and inherent freeness radiated from the Maharshi’s pure consciousness. It is transmitted or awakened into, silently and effort-freely in a kind of empathy, according to our receptivity and our maturity. That which recognizes itself is within. The initiation into intuitive and conscious Self-awareness is often conveyed by a look, rarely by touch, and usually in pure Silence. 
It is for us to be ego-still and to attune to receive it.

This Shunya Silence, or advaita Self-experiencing, is essentially name-free and ineffable. Intuition
for the experience can be trained and purified, but assertion or trying to share or to explain is futile.
Words are metaphors and they falsify the Real. Names and labels hide the name-free, the invisible
Reality. Even our beliefs and ideals, concepts and abstractions, are hindrances to the authentic,
integral Self-experiencing in non-dual awareness. Can we be inwardly still to reflect purely? Can we, in graceful empathy, recognize and be our Self in the Silence of fellow pilgrims? Can we experience our Self at joyous ease and in the anandful grace of natural spirituality?

In the light of Self-controlled spontaneity, all our questions and our quest ceases, or ceases to
matter. Ego oblivion is Self-awareness. In ego transcendence, we experience that we are more than
human, more than fussy, fearful and mortal egojies. 
We experience that there is no death of the Real— that we ever are.

Resuming our dharmic interplay in actualities after such advaita experiencing, we are naturally
fear-free and ego-free in tune with our unitive Self—everywhere. In Shunya Silence, we can meet and merge time-freely and ego-freely. This is empathy and karuna grace and gratitude. 
All is well 

 “In this life play I have not
been in quest of Guru, God,
Truth, Grace, Salvation, nivana,
or power lust. I had no ambition
to be different from what I
am. Blessedly, I had escaped
headucation, and I was free
of any imposed knowledge.
I had no property. I did not
marry, I did not belong to any
cliques or creed. I felt all is
within our Self. I had nothing
to assert or resent. Nor had
I anything to boast about or
regret. I was fully contented.
I had joy in ‘that which is” 



Full text of "Sunyata Dancing With The Void


 Sunyata – The typewritten manuscripts 


Nectar of Sunyata

Friday, June 5, 2020

Amoda Maa - A deeper intelligence

 There’s an intelligence that’s deeper than thought and more intimate than concept.

There’s an intelligence that weaves together the substance of your body, the tapestry of your life, and the majesty of your light.

It’s the same intelligence that makes the stars shine, the planets dance, and new suns to be born. It’s the same intelligence that makes a bird sing, a flea jump, and a microbe eat up pathogens.

It’s the intelligence that holds you whilst you fall apart, whilst you bear the unbearable, whilst you endure the suffering of ignorance … until you finally return home to your true self.

This intelligence has never not been here, in the deep of you. It’s just that you looked the other way. You gave your allegiance to an imaginary intelligence, an external authority believed to be true because they told you so. You ignored your true knowing for the knowledge of beliefs force fed to you by those you thought were in power. And those beliefs became your thoughts and you believed those thoughts to be your master.

But, my friend, the time has come. The time for you to look within, to go deeper than thought, to turn away from imagined authority. To become your own master, a master of your life, a master of that which is truly alive in you … and to rest in your true sovereignty.

Because, my friend, when you know the unshakability of the openness of your true nature, you will no longer give your power away and you will no longer be threatened by that which is not true. You will irrevocably know that there is no one and no thing that can take away that which is your birthright … your aliveness, the naked fact of your being-ness, the irrefutable I AM that makes your life possible. And you will live by this aliveness, you will live by this intelligence, you will live by the truth of your unshakable presence … come what may.

This, my friend, is how you rise as truth in the face of lies. This is how you are born into a new world as an old one crumbles. This is how you stand in your true sovereignty. It is time, my friend … this is what you —and I — came here for.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

RUMI ♡ Let my Soul be your carpet

O my God, our intoxicated eyes have blurred our vision.
Our burdens have become heavy, forgive us.
You are hidden, and yet from East to West You have filled the world with Your radiance.
Your Light is more magnificent than sunrise or sunset,
and You are the inmost ground of consciousness
revealing the secrets we hold.
You are an explosive force causing our damned up rivers to burst forth.
You whose essence is hidden while
Your gifts are manifest,
You are like water and we are like millstones.
You are like wind and we are like dust.
The wind is hidden while the dust is plainly seen.
You are the invisible spring, and we are Your lush garden.

You are the Spirit of life and we are like hand and foot.
Spirit causes the hand to close and open.
You are intelligence; we are Your voice.
Your intelligence causes this tongue to speak.
You are joy and we are laughter,
for we are the result of the blessing of Your joy.
All our movement is really a continual profession of faith,
bearing witness to Your eternal power,
just as the powerful turning of the millstone professes faith in the river’s existence.
Dust settles upon my head and upon my metaphors,
for You are beyond anything we can ever think or say.
And yet, this servant cannot stop trying to express Your beauty,
in every moment, let my soul be Your carpet.

Mathnawi V: 3307-3319,
translated by Kabir Helminski

Monday, June 1, 2020

William Martin - Crack yourself open!

Crack yourself open!
What use is it to continue to hide
behind your facades and roles?
Why waste your energy playing games?
Isn’t it time to cry your tears;
to shout your passion;
to dance like Zorba;
and to let your soul touch
the Soul of the world?



Sunday, May 31, 2020

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Division

This is an excerpt taken from the handwritten manuscript of Krishnamurti's journal – 1973. 

"Control implies division, the controller and the thing to be controlled; this division, as all division, brings about conflict and distortion in action and behaviour. This fragmentation is the work of thought, one fragment trying to control the other parts, call this one fragment the controller, or whatever name you will. This division is artificial and mischievous. Actually, the controller is the controlled.

Thought in its very nature is fragmentary and this causes confusion and sorrow. Thought has divided the world into nationalities, ideologies and into religious sects, the big ones and the little ones. Thought is the response of memories experience and knowledge, stored up in the brain; it can only function efficiently, sanely, when it has security, order. To survive physically it must protect itself from all dangers; the necessity of outward survival is easy to understand but the psychological survival is quite another matter, the survival of the image that thought has put together.

Thought has divided existence as the outer and the inner and from this separation conflict and control arise. For the survival of the inner, belief ideology, gods, nationalities, conclusions become essential and this also brings about untold wars, violence and sorrow. The desire for the survival of the inner, with its many images, is a disease, is disharmony. Thought is disharmony. All its images, ideologies, its truths are self-contradictory and destructive.

Thought has brought about, apart from its technological achievements, both outwardly and inwardly, chaos and pleasures that soon become agonies. To read all this in your daily life, to hear and see the movement of thought is the transformation that meditation brings about. This transformation is not the “me” becoming the greater “me” but the transformation of the content of consciousness; consciousness is its content. The consciousness of the world is your consciousness; you are the world and the world is you. Meditation is the complete transformation of thought and its activities. Harmony is not the fruit of thought; it comes with the perception of the whole."

 thanks to Roxane