Thursday, August 5, 2021

Nancy Neithercut ~ Spontaneously Naturally Present

Salvador Dali - The Temptation of St. Anthony


What is going on is spontaneously naturally present
Without any doing or non-doing it is obviously so
A vast expanse it cannot be contained or captured as it has no edges or center or any place or thing that can be grasped
Limitless it cannot be imagined or thought about ...
Or conceived of in any way
It is pure and unstainable and cannot be added to or subtracted from
We all know this it is deeply intuited
Yet the apparent arising of self and all other things seems to hide this unutterable knowing ness*
This recognition of unicity cannot be contrived or arrived at as it is already the case
As long as there is belief in separation there will be an attempt to reconnect that which has never been separate
One tries to imagine this feeling of oneness and creates a goal that seemingly can be attained
But that idea of oneness is simply that
And all ideas of future attainment merely perpetuate the feeling of going somewhere and the illusion that there is a you that can do somerhing to get there
But there is no future it is an idea
Past is merely memories occuring in the Ungraspable unfindable inseparable moment
There nothing outside of it nor things inside yet it contains and includes all thingness
It simply cannot be grasped or understood as there is no separate grasper or things to be grasped
This is it always
Just as it is
Looking for it is included
As well as the recognition of it
Life simultaneously writing and erasing itself
Of itself so
Knowing this intellectually will not stop the seeking for it
Seeking is a perpetually self sustaining loop
Something else uncaused happens that breaks the circling the spinning in which an imaginary center arises
And if even if the words we use to describe this vast uncpounded limitless expanse are beyond imagining than how could what's going on be within the realm of imagination
As it is like a dream like an illusion like a hologram like a mirage ****an echo a reflection ****
No word concept idea can touch it grasp it kiss it
Yet it includes all words and descriptions
Edgeless seamless infinite centerless indivisible****with no reference points whatsoever
Yet vividly apparent all things seem to arise
Having no independent existence
Like imaginary castles in the air you cannot move in ****like a mirage in the desert you cannot drink from them****like a reflection of your lovers face in the mirror you cannot kiss it***** as space cannot be grasped ***and you can never find harbor on a shoreless ocean****there is nothing to be gained by looking for fullfillment in an empty glass that has no bottom or sides or emptiness and you cannot fill something which has no space to be filled
Even as things seem to arise they are merely made up as pure space cannot be divided
There is no extremes of change nor non change
Freedom versus non freedom.
Here nor there nor place nor non place
No time nor timeless ness
No inside nor outside nor both nor neither
There are no separate things to be lost
And no one to find them
There is no one to put together what was never separate
All dream trying perpetuates the illusion of a tryer and a goal of wholeness
As wholeness cannot be imagimed as it has no edges
It remains an idea a goal to reach in the nonexistent future
The trying is like the prow of a ship pretending to slice up the sea.....




Monday, August 2, 2021

Wouter van Oord ~ The Shift


 The deep intuitive knowing, also called ' the shift ' or ' the ignorant ', does not happen to ' you '.
It adds no speciality to ′′ your ′′ being that the others don't have.
Where there is no you, there is no other!
This is undoubtedly clear when this shift takes place, without actually happening.
The shift knew the ′′ you ′′ that was never out of time and space that never existed either.
Nothing ever really happens in this mysterious unknowable.
The shift can't be reduced to the DNA.
No microscope can see it.
An encephalogram will show no sign of it, although the brain activity can certainly show an unusual rest.
Brain activity tends to slow down after the shift.
Preoccupation with past and future is almost coming to a standstill.
The flow of energy in the body passes into a subtle sense of deep confidence and wellbeing.
Enlightenment is not a sweet homecoming in a divine realm!
It's not like sitting quietly in God's lap.
It adds not an inch to your wisdom.
It turns you into a fearless, motherless child.
It resets the brain to the default values.
It has no spiritual meaning at all!
The shift relates to a very sober vibrancy.
A zero point perspective.
It doesn't connect you to the divine.
The shift doesn't heal your pains or wash away your tears.
It brings an energetic torrential flood of intensity to every cell in the body.
And yet it brings the most ordinary ease of being.
There is no divinity in what is.
All there is is is what apparently happens.
All there is is life's never ending unknowable dream.
Nothing is ever realized or acknowledged as truth.
There is no truth to discover.
There's nothing behind a mask.
What is seen centerless, is seeing it yourself..
It is the playful love of this magical void called No-Thing.
It is the joy of life for life itself.....