Monday, August 2, 2021

Wouter van Oord ~ The Shift


 The deep intuitive knowing, also called ' the shift ' or ' the ignorant ', does not happen to ' you '.
It adds no speciality to ′′ your ′′ being that the others don't have.
Where there is no you, there is no other!
This is undoubtedly clear when this shift takes place, without actually happening.
The shift knew the ′′ you ′′ that was never out of time and space that never existed either.
Nothing ever really happens in this mysterious unknowable.
The shift can't be reduced to the DNA.
No microscope can see it.
An encephalogram will show no sign of it, although the brain activity can certainly show an unusual rest.
Brain activity tends to slow down after the shift.
Preoccupation with past and future is almost coming to a standstill.
The flow of energy in the body passes into a subtle sense of deep confidence and wellbeing.
Enlightenment is not a sweet homecoming in a divine realm!
It's not like sitting quietly in God's lap.
It adds not an inch to your wisdom.
It turns you into a fearless, motherless child.
It resets the brain to the default values.
It has no spiritual meaning at all!
The shift relates to a very sober vibrancy.
A zero point perspective.
It doesn't connect you to the divine.
The shift doesn't heal your pains or wash away your tears.
It brings an energetic torrential flood of intensity to every cell in the body.
And yet it brings the most ordinary ease of being.
There is no divinity in what is.
All there is is is what apparently happens.
All there is is life's never ending unknowable dream.
Nothing is ever realized or acknowledged as truth.
There is no truth to discover.
There's nothing behind a mask.
What is seen centerless, is seeing it yourself..
It is the playful love of this magical void called No-Thing.
It is the joy of life for life itself.....





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