Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Nancy Neithercut ~ What's going on




What's going on is all encompassing
It has no edges
There is nothing outside of it
If you think there is something outside of it
Then that's what's going on...
Nothing can be added to it
Where would it come from?
Nothing can be taken away
Where would it go?
There is nothing outside of it making it happen
It does itself
And you are never separate from what's going on
And if you feel separate
Than that's what's going on!
And through you
What's going on
What we call life
Gets to know to experience touch itself
We all know this aliveness
Its undeniable
How marvelous
That through the lens of self through this imaginary separation is life knowing itself
Yet also it knows that it knows
And is amazed
Knowing its amazement is unutterably wondrous
And through this mindstream.composed of shared learned words ....tree ocean
It appears that what's going on is divided and captured and put into little boxes of separate things and events
Yet there is nothing outside of what's going on that can capture it
It is never actually divided
The words are paltry pointers to ...
****all this *****
The word tree can never grow
The word water is not wet
I cannot taste the word saltiness
Yet what is going on has no qualities or characteristics without these words ideas concepts
There is no time dimension causality without description
Nor me
Nor you
Nor beauty
Nor love




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