Monday, September 6, 2021

Sattva Lynn ~ Already That


art Catrin Welz-stein


 Right here and now we are perfect Being. There is absolutely nothing we need to do to be enlightened. We are already what the term enlightenment points to. We are already That.

The more that we understand our true nature as inherently and causelessly free, peaceful, purely loving, and complete – the less we will feel a need to do anything, and rather relax more and more into simply being.

Not being this or that, just simply 'living'. Knowing there is nothing we need do because we are pure Aliveness, pure Wakefulness Itself.

So as you continue to 'live', and breathe, and walk, and do all the things you need to do; even if conditioning and attachment and all manner of egoic tendencies are there -- underneath this is the knowledge, there is the awareness of the Aliveness Itself that you are, that is not born or created...that is at the root of all 'living'.

Living is not personal to you - it carries on by itself.  The feeling of bodily reality or anything born of the dream that you are only a solid, separate physical entity, is not what you are.

You are the unchanging Awareness behind that which is uncreated and uncaused.  So go on being, just being.  Knowing there is nothing you need to do to be enlightened, because you are already pure enlightenment or wakefulness itself.

There is nothing you need to do because here and now underneath all appearances, habits and beliefs - you are inherently free, loving, joyous, and complete...and one with all that Is.