Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sandy Jones - Sweet Abiding Song

 How can I not Live rejoicing in this Infinite Beauty of Love that Lives as all things.

So I Sing the Song of Love to my self and to Life, right Here in my world. My song, I know it by Heart.

This Child takes my hand and leads me. I write of my Love for this unbound soul of my self. The one who sits at the right hand of Something Unknowable and Real. She’s come back and I am whole and rich.

The fullness cannot be held as my Love explodes in effervescent golden bubbles of Joy, pouring out into my world like an uncorked bottle of champagne.

This holy Child holds my hand. She brings me to the depths of my heart where visions of the extraordinary keep my spirit afloat on this infinite sea of joy and laughter.

Everything is beautiful here, the commonplace becomes seen in a light of wonder and magic that dances and dazzles, shimmers and shines its mysterious ways.

This is the Light that Lives unbound, not subject to human expectations, free from fear and full of happiness. She is me and she and leads me through the maze and marvel of this world.

This is the authority of my own Heart that shines its Infinite Beauty.

This one that shines, she is the original Light from before the world was. She is fearless and laughs at the laws designed by those who believe they know.

I sing my sweet song of Love in praise of Life and all that leads me. This is the one that shows me the way. She has brought me Home. I am free.

This is my heart’s uncapped fount of joy that lives in gratitude for this Living one I am. I am alive and real, as myself, in love with my world.

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