Wednesday, March 26, 2014

from Divani Shamsi Tabriz

He said: 'Who is at the door?' Said I: 'Thy humble slave.'
He said: ' What business have you ? Said I: ' Lord, to greet thee.'
He said: ' How long will you push ?' Said I: ' Till thou call.'
He said: ' How long will you glow ? ' Said I: ' Till resurrection.'
I laid claim to love, I took oaths
That for love I had lost sovereignty and power.
He said: 'A judge demands witness as regards a claim.'
Said I: ' Tears are my witness, paleness of face my evidence.'
He said: ' The witness is not valid; your eye is corrupt.'
Said I: ' By the majesty of thy justice they are just and clear of sin.'
He said: ' What do you intend ? Said I. , Constancy and friendship.'
He said: ' What do you want of me ?' Said I: ' Thy universal grace.'
He said: ' Who was your companion ?' Said I: ' Thought of thee, O King.'
He said: ' Who called you here ?' Said I: ' The odour of thy cup.'
He said: 'Where is it pleasantest ?' Said I: ' The Emperor's palace.'
He said: ' What saw you there ?' Said I: ' A hundred miracles.'
He said: ' Why is it desolate ?' Said I: ' From fear of the brigand.'
He said: ' Who is the brigand ? ' Said I: ' This blame.'
He said: ' Where is it safe ?' Said I: ' In abstinence and piety.'
He said: ' What is abstinence ? ' Said I: ' The path of salvation.'
He said: ' Where is calamity ?' Said I: ' In the neighborhood of thy love.'
He said: ' How fare you there ?' Said I: ' In steadfastness.'
I gave you a long trial, but it availed me nothing ;
Repentance lights on him who tests one tested already.
Peace! if I should utter forth his mystic sayings,
You would go beside yourself, neither door nor roof would restrain you.

Selected Poems from the Divani Shamsi Tabriz
Edited and Translated by R. A. Nicholson

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