Saturday, December 13, 2014

Eloratea - Light of the Soul

I am soul of your soul.
Heartwarming emotions are reflections of my unconditional love 
and overwhelming feelings of fullness are my unspoken words to you.
Yes, I also know your feelings of lack and incompleteness; 
but they are just misunderstood signs that lead to me.
Don’t worry, keep going!
And confusing thoughts and sensations 
of tension and sadness too, yes – 
they are just short, dark passages 
on this way of light to the heart of heart.
Keep going despite the shadows and storms!
Don’t think and interpret too much.
Don’t close your heart, 
but keep going in trust 
and inner sky of your awareness will soon open and merge 
with unconfined space of all that is.
Please, stay calm, unafraid and undisturbed 
as I keep your heart in my hands of eternal light.
I keep it safe till the dawn dawns for you, 
till the clear light shines in, 
through and out and reveals again 
total perfection and completeness of everything.
Than you will know this Great Love 
without any shadow and doubt.

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