Thursday, November 19, 2020

The joy of Jeff Foster's true meditation


Sometimes they ask me:
′′ Jeff, are you meditating? ′′
The answer is no, not at all.
Or, well, yes, I do,
it all depends
of what you call meditating.
I have no practice
of formal meditation.
No schedule.
No technique.
No incense.
No pics of gurus
on my
pedestal table.
I never say to myself:
′′ I'm meditating now. ′′
And yet,
throughout the day,
I find myself in full meditation.
Absorbed in the Immediate.
What the hell is this meditation then?
Pure fascination for the moment,
exactly as it is...
Absolute consent...
Any experience
Bathing in curiosity.
I'm not adding anything.
I'm not taking anything away.
No goal.
No search.
No agenda.
No special state to reach.
No special experience to have.
Pure wonder.
The extraordinary banality of what is.
The life lived...
At the end of the day
it's not something I do.
At the end of the day
that's who i really am.
This open consciousness,
childish, innocent,
gently absorbing
every sound,
every picture,
every smell,
every feeling,
every sentiment,
tenderly attracting a ′′ world ",
yes, embracing a world
like a mother
hug her young child.
So I am the mother of my world.
I am the space that contains the ordinary.
I am silence at the heart of things.
I am the ability of joy and sorrow.
I never need
to look for an experience
more ′′ alive ",
deeper ′′ or ′′ spiritual ′′
because this ordinary moment
is so deeply sacred.
So beautiful...
Flooded with grace...
Always complete.
The cracked glass from a shelter.
The look of a stranger,
hiding and betraying
centuries of pain and nostalgia.
The thrill on my cheek
when i go meet a good friend.
I used to meditate...
Meditation has entered my bones.
Now I am the meditation...
The immensity that embraces an entire world.



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