Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Wu Hsin - The illuminant of everything




Master Wu Hsin began:

We miss the actual by lack of attention and create distortions by excessive imagination.

Understand that without Being there is nothing.

All knowledge is about Being.

Wrong ideas about Being lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness,
whereas right ones lead to freedom and happiness

Likewise, understand that Consciousness illuminates.

Everything perceived is first illuminated by Consciousness.

Even when there is nothing to be perceived, 

Consciousness is present.

Now, let there be silence.

Master Wu Hsin continued:

The habitual reference to a false center must end.

You have dedicated decades to building a prison for yourself. 

Can you not find a few moments to begin to tear it down?

The experiences you have in one state do not follow you into another state. Therefore, they cannot be part of your essential self.

You take yourself to be that which events happen to. Cease to be the object and become the subject of all that happens.

Merely see yourself as the illuminant of everything.

Now, let there be silence.

Master Wu Hsin continued:

Wholeness is not a state; states come and go.

Wholeness is holiness, absolute presence and relative absence.

"I will be" is prior to differentiation.

It is the Dynamic Potentiality, preceding all states, including the "I am"

Nothing more need be said today.

Ponder this; more tomorrow. 




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