Sunday, November 22, 2020

Wu Hsin - Unitive Consciousness




 Today, the Master began:


When you perceive yourselves as a part of the universe, you must
invariably feel apart from the universe. This calls for a correction in viewpoint.

Every operating assumption that you have is calling out for reexamination.
In that process, you will discern where the flaws in your
point of view lie.

You begin by creating a "me" which is followed by the world, a series of appearances which we label as "other than me".

Then, you appoint this me to godhead status, making it the arbiter of what is deemed right and wrong, what is good and evil, and how things are "supposed to be".

Through "I", you are the acting. Through "my", you are the owning.

You explain, translate, describe, label, define, and separate whatever you perceive every moment of your lives. In so doing, you create a tunnel reality.

This is grand narrative fiction.

Step aside and see how effortlessly and efficiently life functions. That is all that is required is to see things clearly.

However, this cannot occur as long as the seeing is performed through the crystal of the personal. This crystal is what brings distortion to What-Is.

When "me" goes, every "other than me" goes with it.

This is unitive consciousness, the end of distortion.

You continue to be alive and conscious. However, you are no longer self conscious

Ponder this; more tomorrow.





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