Friday, November 30, 2012

John Wheeler from "Clear in Your Heart"

John Wheeler
from "Clear in Your Heart"
The Radiant Mirror of Self-Shining Awareness

Awareness and your nature as that are self-evident. This
cannot — and need not — be known or proved in terms of
subject/object knowledge. Keep in mind that all the pointers
to what is ultimately real are simply descriptions of you,
what you presently are. You are present now and aware of the
fact of being conscious. This is self-evident. You cannot grasp
‘yourself ’ or your innate being as some ‘thing’ ‘out there’. Yet
who would be foolish enough to deny themselves, their own
existence? This non-conceptual being-awareness is entirely
evident, but cannot be grasped objectively in dualistic experience.
The point is that non-dual awareness does not know
itself as some object or experience, which would turn it into
an experience in duality (that is, ‘I’ and awareness). The ‘I’
and awareness are not two things, one to be the object of the
other. On the other hand, awareness is not unknown either.
Your presumption is that it is currently unknown and must
be known somehow. This is wrong. Awareness cannot be
known objectively because it is not an object, but neither can
it be unknown — for the same reason. It is the very presence
enlivening and making possible all knowing. It is you, your
natural state.

How can I go beyond the ‘I am’ sense in practice?
Who is going to go beyond? This is still talk in relation to
the notion of a person. You are still giving credit to that. All
the questions come from that. Who is this ‘I’ that needs to
understand, go beyond the ‘I am’ and so on? Your nature is
that which is prior to consciousness. It already is that. You are
getting misdirected by granting reality to the individuality.
You are not a person in need of something in the future. You
are reality itself. Why is reality asking for understanding and
applications? Do not ask ‘How do I ...?’ Instead see what you
already are. How can I give guidance or methods to an ‘I’
that is a total fi ction? I see you as the supreme reality itself.
The notion that you are not that needs to go. See that all your
questions are in relation to a person that never existed.

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