Monday, November 26, 2012

Maren Springsteen - My Heart Just Shines

My Heart Just Shines

My heart just shines
That I am not just
one of the things I observe
and include,
that seem to hide their
cloaked in a veil
of different appearances.
My heart just shines
that I am also not just
the one that
observes these appearances,
Nor the one,
lifted up by Grace
that sees them as
the same,
letting divine fusion
again happen.
No, I am
beyond both,
neither observed
nor observer,
prior to these,
I Am already only
ever THAT.
Now self is all
that remains,
rejoicing in its
in which
no otherness
ever occurred.
Heart-Self just shines,
not knowing,
fertile ground,
open, alive

Maren Springsteen
Her blog

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