Monday, March 8, 2021

Nancy Neithercut ~ Our beautiful humanness


I have spoken with many who believe that after the shift there is no self
they are usually people who are trying to escape pain that comes with being a human being.  They feel that many of their emotions are bad like anger or sadness
And I have spoken with many who say they have shifted and that there is no self
And I say well who is speaking

Awakening is realizing that the self and things and time never existed ...there never were any mountains
And yet the passion play of you and me and we continues somewhat like before
The self continues to look out for it self
that's its job
Yet as imaginary separation is no longer believed, this never feels like there's someone doing life or that life is happening to a someone

And many of us sing of this the rest of their lives

These stories are all we can know...
It’s what we are
After the shift it’s like living in between the known ‘worded’ world and nothing at all.

It's like infinite parentheses of echoes reflecting silhouettes dancing on wall-less canyons
of vast rich untold stories flowing through you
singing of a most marvelous unbearably beautiful enormity of this placelessness
this hugeness of vast measureless empty silent brilliance singing
this inescapable vast unknowingness rippling shimmering in primordial tears flowing through empty footsteps trodden by no one by everyone...

and there is truly not even nothing left
the last spark of hope for love died
and with it the last hope of other

And you can feel suspended as nothingness
As the wind and the light and life flow through you as you
Simultaneously everything and nothing
an unspeakable awe floods the dream
Of you of me of we

There is a most beautiful ache it is joy and sorrow and longing and love and awe
 but it's really not like anything at all is it
It is this deep current of unowned unnamed emotion that fills us and empties us and reminds us of our beautiful humanness


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