Sunday, July 1, 2018

Nancy Neithercut - Tears

Weeping waves of joy of sorrow of awe
......they merged....
Tears and their wetness
Gem of our aliveness
Washed in mirrored beauty....
The tears never stop
They are the worlds sorrow and joy flowing through me painting my water color dream dance in the flowing that has no edges or beginning or end yet seems to move and dance and swing
It has no movement without these imaginary skies weeping

never and forever collided in timeless wonder and wept at the beauty of the death of time
As tears dry on my cheeks I remember
Oh yes
My fingertips have swirled through this wetness
My tongue has tasted this saltiness of endless oceans
Of shore less seas
Where I was washed onto the beach under the naked gaze of moons and suns and your beautiful beautiful eyes

Here we dance
As this beautiful sorrow
As this sublime joy
As this splendid aloneness
That we are
That we share


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