Saturday, June 30, 2018

Wes Nisker - Ode to Ms Mindfulness

From the moment her eyes met mine
I knew that I was lost.
I could see that if I loved her, she would destroy “me,”
and yet, with her I can be
just who I am.

In the early morning and late at night we are alone together.
Usually our dates last only about an hour, me gazing at her
gazing at me.
And even though she claims to love me, Ms Mindfulness displays nothing
but cool detachment.

Sometimes I wish she would snap out of it. I grow frustrated
with her lack of attitude and decide
I want to “live it up,” have big emotions,
dance and be wild, play the edges
of my obsessions and fantasies.
If I have to suffer for it I will make that bargain. Just let me go, lover.

But in the end I always come back to her sweet and easy ways,
and that sly little smile of understanding.
I sink into her love like a comfortable old couch.
A cool breeze flows across my brow and I say to her,
“Ms Mindfulness, please be mine forever.” Whoops!
I mean “At least be mine for now.”


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