Thursday, March 1, 2018

Meister Eckhart - In lonely silence

 "But the perfect reflection of the One is shining by itself in lonely silence, there safely pent as one and indivisible.
The unity (of God) is un-necessitous, it has no need of speech, but subsists alone in unbroken silence.
The mind is rid of light when it is rid of mode; and it is rid of darkness when letting go of all natural things, it sinks in nameless actuality.
Then it loses both light and darkness in the abyss that a creature in its own right never plumbs. Such is the estrangement in one as foreshadowed in the ordinary mind, but the realization of unity which the blessed have lies in the exquisite consciousness of another than themselves.
O unfathomable void, bottomless to creatures and to thine own self, in thy depth art thou exalted in thy impartible, imperishable actuality;
in the height of thy essential power thou art so deep thou dost engulf thy simple ground which is there concealed from all that thou are not;
yet those whom thou wouldest commune with shall know thee with thyself."


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