Monday, February 26, 2018

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Love

The man who desires to fuse with something greater,
    to unite himself with another,
    is avoiding misery, confusion;
    but the mind is still in separation,
    which is disintegration.

    Love knows neither fusion nor diffusion;
    it is neither personal nor impersonal;
    it is a state of being which the mind cannot find –
    it can describe it,
    give it a term, a name,
    but the word, the description,
    is not love.

    It is only when the mind is quiet
    that it shall know love,
    and that state of quietness
    is not a thing to be cultivated.
    Cultivation is still the action of the mind;
    discipline is still a product of the mind,
    and a mind that is disciplined, controlled, subjugated,
    a mind that is resisting, explaining,
    cannot know love.

    You may read,
    you may listen to what is being said about love,
    but that is not love.

    Only when you put away the things of the mind,
    only when your hearts are empty of the things of the mind,
    is there love.

    Then you will know what it is to love without separation,
    without distance,
    without time,
    without fear –
    and that is not reserved to the few.

    Love knows no hierarchy;
    there is only love.

    There are the many and the one,
    an exclusiveness,
    only when you do not love.

    When you love,
    there is neither the ‘you’ nor the ‘me’;
    in that state there is only
    a flame without smoke.

— Jiddu Krishnamurti – The Mirror of Relationship: Love, Sex and Chastity (Bombay 1950)

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