Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dada Gavand - Silence within is the highest form of prayer

So we have to work with ourselves and go directly to that core, to that center, to that root wherein lies the whole secret and mystery of life. You need not depend upon anyone, or on any book, in fact not on anything that is outside. Just be quiet into yourself. There will not be any thought to imagine or demand a thing. Simply be quiet with the total fund of energy within, and in such quietude you are going to discover something new. You will then experience what humility is, and what innocence is. The mind which is quiet into itself is innocent, humble, transparent and open to discover that which is the real.

Then you will know what meditation is. Meditation is not the chanting or singing of devotional songs, nor the repetition of any word or phrase. You will then be in a state of total surrender, alone within yourself.

You have to be really alone and anonymous to be with the inner spirit. When you are somebody, you are related to the world, you belong to the world. And as long as you are of the world, you cannot move toward the inner spirit; you will have no relationship with it. So to have a contact with the spirit, you will have to be alone, on your own. Then you will get a helping hand from within. The whole secret is to come back into yourself by gathering all your energy, and to be there in quietude and silence. To be in silence is to be near one’s own inner spirit.

To be in such silence within is the highest form of prayer. Prayer is not chanting or singing praises to someone, nor asking and begging for rewards of theother world. Desires and supplication of thought on any level are not prayers. The silence of one's own total energy in the inner domain is the true state of prayer. Such prayer finds its own reward in a very mysterious way. The innate energy, when it regains its balance and stillness, finds its own fulfillment.

Beyond the Mind, pp. 15–16



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