Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Naomi Stone - The indwelling Spirit

And I will give you a new heart, a new spirit within, to be with you all of your days. My dear ones, I will be with you always. My thoughts are not your thoughts,
and my ways are not your ways, but I will come to you, and you will know me.

There are mysterious dimensions
of this world
of which we will never
know the secrets or be able to explain
in a way that all will understand
for we are not given
the divine wisdom
to claim to know how
the Spirit of Love
will come to dwell within
each one of us
to move and guide
our hearts

The Beloved has many faces
and there is nowhere
the unseen Spirit cannot go
and no heart
that cannot be
touched and moved
by the greatness of love
that seeks you

Countless great ones have
walked before us
sharing their stories
leaving their guidance
singing their songs
dancing their glorious dances
and when
the lightness of Spirit
moves within us
quietly seeking
to bring
new life to our hearts
we long to sing and share
the beauty
embracing us
and tell the world

The Spirit moves invisibly
like the wind
tenderly touching
each heart
through its own unique
for love
and friendship

Each encounter is a mystery
that awakens something
deep within
that changes us
giving us a taste
of sweetness
that creates an opening
to a new way of life
that we have never known before

A breeze
like a whispering sigh
opens our minds
and hearts and souls
awakening the beauty
of spirit
created within us
and we feel the gaze
of eyes that see who we are
as no one has ever seen us before

A fountain of grace
pours over and through us
and touching and inviting
us to blossom
into a flowering
of grace
and unfolding of the bud
that longs to bloom
and we feel the breath
of spring
that anoints us
with the beauty of a love
that is more than love
and more than anyone can
truly express

Words fall so short
of what we feel
so all across the world
we sing
we cry our tears of Joy
and we dance
we pray
and we celebrate
and create
a little corner
that we call home
hidden within our hearts

The Spirit of the Friend
swells and expands
within us
giving us more
than we have ever dreamed
and we feel
what it means
to love and to be seen
and known
as we were created
to be


  1. This is just so beautiful, Michel... She puts into words what I am beginning to feel/experience. And the art is exquisite! Thank you for this offering today! Love,Love,Love...

  2. Thanks Catherine...Have a lovely day....(credit goes to all those authors, poets, sages, etc....)(I just copy/paste) :-)

    1. Oh I know ;) But if you didn't "copy/paste" I would never have found their words and art that touch my Heart. :) Enjoy your evening... Christine