Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Amata Natasha Goldie - You are Divine (The Golden Thread Book)

~ Divinity meeting divinity for the first time since birth ~

Do you realize your divinity? Do you see the truth of your soul? Do you recognize the essence of YOU? You are Divine!

When we quieten our minds, still our bodies and connect with the ever present silence of our inner essence, we connect to the Divine. In connecting to the Divine we begin to hear the whispers of our soul in ways we may never have heard before. We may have ignored the etheric tap on our shoulder guiding us to follow a passion, an urge, a calling, an intuitive direction. The mind is often so strong and all powerful, so busy directing us through our everyday reality that the voice of our soul is drowned out. The voice of our soul harbours the truth of who we are.

How can we discover who we are without listening to that inner whisper? How do we connect with our truth, with our soul?

We can connect with our soul’s truth in many ways. Let your mind and thoughts stop, slow down and become still. Enter the stillness of meditation and connect with your soul. Breathe.

Just a few minutes of stillness a day is a wondrous daily ritual that will infuse your life with the richness of living your dharma.

We can do this through meditation, yoga and through any number of spiritual practices that are free from dogma. Do not worry about filling the mind with more information of the ‘how to’ and the ‘shoulds’ of a particular practice. Simply sit quietly and close your eyes. You may feel guided to set the space energetically and light candles but the important thing is to be still. Sit in complete silence, let the mind quieten, let it free itself of all its perpetual thoughts and focus on your breath. Feel the warmth of your heart beating, feel your solar plexus centre rising and falling with each breath, and now, sense the presence within.

Sense the vastness within, feel this presence, connect with it. It is ready to welcome you home to Source, to your true self, to your soul’s longing to be embraced. Feel the warmth of your soul’s embrace as you open yourself to yourself.

~ Divinity meeting divinity for the first time since birth ~

It is a moment to rejoice in the profound sacredness of your reconnection.
It is a moment to honour and be in gratitude.

Your soul’s initial small whisper of recognition will, with regular visiting, grow to a magnificent song. This song will guide you and direct you throughout life. It is the voice of your soul, connecting with your divine essence. In this connection you are allowing life to move through you in a state of guidance and divine grace. Living a life of grace is a life of effortless flow, in tune with the masterful wonder of creation. This wonder of creation is expressing itself in its magnificence through you, through the voice of your soul.

Living every day of your existence, empowered with the truth of your soul, is fulfilling your soul’s higher calling, your divine potential and is the path that transforms all suffering into true happiness and freedom.

Celebrate your Divinity!


About Amata Natasha Goldie

Author, Poet, Natural Health Practitioner, Artist, Lover of Life......Living The Golden Thread!!!!!! Amata was born in the UK in 1971 and immigrated to Australia in 1973. She travelled extensively, living and working overseas for several years, before settling back in Australia. Her Arts and Humanitarian background has its origins in her embodied creativity and compassion for all living things. She has worked in the health industry in Natural Medicine for over ten years, where she exhibits an intuitive natural gift in healing, coupled with an intrinsic driving force to help others. Amata holds qualifications in Fine Art, Arts Management, English Literature, Philosophy, Body Therapies and Small Business. She has written extensive collections of spiritual poetry, prose, soul affirmations and heart-felt anecdotes for greeting cards. Her writings reach to the core of humanity and aim to uplift the soul with the timeless experiences of love, joy and celebration of the uniqueness that is embodied within each of us. Her poems have received outstanding acclaim by an online global audience of poetry lovers. Her first published poetry collection in audio and book will be available by 2015. Amata is an author, poet, natural health practitioner, artist and lover of life. She is passionate about catalysing the highest potential in humanity and is dedicated to living a life that facilitates growth in others, in service to humanity, the animal kingdom.

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