Monday, April 21, 2014

Jiddu Krishnamurti - How do you know?

Question: You have realized reality. Can you tell us what God is?

Krishnamurti: How do you know I have realized? To know that I have realized, you also must have
realized. This is not just a clever answer. To know something you must be of it. You must yourself
have had the experience also and therefore your saying that I have realized has apparently no
meaning. What does it matter if I have realized or have not realized? Is not what I am saying the
truth? Even if I am the most perfect human being, if what I say is not the truth why would you even
listen to me? Surely my realization has nothing whatever to do with what I am saying and the man
who worships another because that other has realized is really worshipping authority and therefore
he can never find the truth. To understand what has been realized and to know him who has realized is not at all important, is it?
I know the whole tradition says, ”Be with a man who has realized.” How can you know that he
has realized? All that you can do is to keep company with him and even that is extremely difficult
nowadays. There are very few good people, in the real sense of the word - people who are not
seeking something, who are not after something. Those who are seeking something or are after
something are exploiters and therefore it is very difficult for anyone to find a companion to love.
We idealize those who have realized and hope that they will give us something, which is a false
relationship. How can the man who has realized communicate if there is no love? That is our
difficulty. In all our discussions we do not really love each other; we are suspicious. You want
something from me, knowledge, realization, or you want to keep company with me, all of which
indicates that you do not love. You want something and therefore you are out to exploit. If we really
love each other then there will be instantaneous communication. Then it does not matter if you
have realized and I have not or if you are the high or the low.

excerpt from "First and last Freedom" PDF Here

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