Sunday, April 4, 2021

Hafiz ~ Is your caravan lost?



 I cannot sit still with my countrymen in chains.
I cannot act mute
Hearing the world’s loneliness
Crying near the Beloved’s heart.

 My love for God is such
That I could dance with Him tonight without you,
But I would rather have you there.

 Is your caravan lost?

 It is, If you no longer weep from gratitude or happiness,
Or weep from being cut deep with the awareness
Of the extraordinary beauty that emanates
from the most simple act and common object.

 My dear, is your caravan lost?   

 It is if you can no longer be kind to yourself
And loving to those who must live
With the sometimes difficult task of loving you.

 At least come to know that someone
untied your camel last night
For I hear its gentle voice
Calling for God in the desert.

 At least come to know
That Hafiz will always hold a lantern
With the galaxies blooming inside
And that I will always guide your soul
to the divine warmth and exhilaration
Of our Beloved’s tent.



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