Monday, January 18, 2021

Lisa Lennon - Simple


art Gina- Rose Halpern



 The simplicity of what is spoken of is wonderfully mad. 

No matter what is said, it makes no difference to life being what it is. 

There is only just what is, thats it! Nothing else!

 What is, can't be argued in terms of me and no me, "there is no one to do anything" etc. 

The me is and isn't. Is just appears. 

There is nothing that 'is' in absolute terms, nothing concrete. 

It is totally unknowable, is just seemingly is and yet isn't, neither absolute or apparent.

 Oh what a conundrum for the seeking mind, it is rendered impotent and senseless 

and yet in it's simplicity, life still appears, reigning supreme as there is only that.

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