Tuesday, May 5, 2020

John Astin - What is

Perfect Clarity

Stop for a moment and just watch the flow of experience, the flow of whatever is appearing. Notice how it is constantly changing, how the flow of experience looks and feels different from moment to moment.

Now, as you notice this constantly changing flow of experience, appreciate something quite remarkable and that is that all that’s appearing is doing so in perfect clarity. By definition the fact that something has appeared is evidence of this pristine, perfect clarity.

No matter how this moment may be appearing, no matter how it might feel or how we might describe it, it is clearly whatever it is. A moment of happiness. Perfectly clear it is that. A moment of sorrow? Perfectly clear it is that. A moment of clarity? Perfectly clear it is that. A moment of confusion? Perfectly clear it is that!

Everything may be changing, never the same from moment to moment. But the clarity is constant, the perfect, ever-present clarity of what is.

Reality, Drinking Itself

All there is, is experience.

Feel the reality of this, the undeniable fact that you can never, ever find anything outside of experience. Let it sink in, the reality that experience is all there ever is.  Go “inside” of what you think of as yourself and what do you find there? Experience. Go “outside” of what you think of as yourself and you find exactly the same thing. Experience.

Now, within this field of experience, it may feel as if there are two separate things happening—that which is being experienced and the one experiencing it. But in reality, both the apparent subject (self) and object (other), are nothing other than an ever-changing, kaleidoscopic dance of experiencing.

And so when we say that “we” are having an experience of some “thing,” what we’re really saying is that experience is experiencing itself. In every instant, no matter how we might be describing it, all that’s ever happening is that experience is tasting itself, drinking itself, feasting on itself.  Feel this, the way in which experience is constantly exploring itself, ever curious about the countless forms it takes each instant.

Drink in the richness, the luscious sensuality of it all. Enjoy this exquisite dance of life savoring itself in all its many forms.


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