Friday, September 13, 2019

Steve Taylor - The Presence

picture H.Koppdelaney

No matter how disconnected you’ve become
no matter how much you’ve mistreated your body
and how much you’ve abused your soul,
the presence is always close to you
waiting with infinite patience
for the right moment to reveal herself again.

No matter how long you’ve ignored the presence,
even if you’ve neglected her – and yourself – so long
that you can hardly remember what she looks or feels like,
she won’t carry any grudges against you;
she won’t hide from you, or punish you.
And there’ll be one unexpected moment
when she steps forward suddenly and embraces you
with unconditional love, and welcomes you back.

One day, you’ll be walking dejectedly,
and she’ll appear at your side
like an invisible cloud that immerses you
and fills you with alert aliveness
and you’ll look up and see a transfigured sky
opened up to endless dimensions, filled with sentient space
and sunlight that glows with benevolence
and around you, trees that are as conscious as you
whispering wisdom to each other
and a landscape that shimmers gloriously
with the ageless timeless freshness of presence.

And straight away you’ll relax
and be filled with reassurance
knowing that you were never as lost as you thought;
at home again, as if you’d never left the presence,
and knowing that you never really did
and that you never can. 


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