Saturday, June 15, 2019

Sabine - If a friend needs you

photo by Benoit Courti

If a friend needs you during rough times, whether it’s grieving for the lost animal, separation from the loved ones or a sudden incurable illness, instead of throwing non-duality jargon at them, be the ear, be the shoulder so you can take on some of their pain. Non-duality reciting during such situations is of no value and it can only make one’s heartache stay longer. Pretending we are beyond the heart break or pain is pure ignorance of those who have failed to look into their own bodies and investigate it. 
Forcing recognition onto someone or showing unpleasant behaviour towards seekers is unnecessary. We don’t know what someone has gone through in their lives, so why not be polite or simply BE there and listen?

Recognition of our ‘natural state’ happens at its own accord (if it ever does) and when readiness is there, teacher in human form isn’t necessary. These who believe can teach non duality are deluded or still see themselves as separate or in a higher position than the seekers – which is simply the mind madness.
Yet, it is as it is. Once can only beware – be aware – of this. Pointers are everywhere. Takes it to be seen non conceptually.

There is no need trying to force someone to stop seeking as it won’t be taken aboard before it is due.


  1. Very Nice... My feelings as well... We can't hide behind our "non-dualism", or our "spirituality", or our "faith, no matter what it is... _/\_

  2. I thought you would like this post!...❤