Friday, June 14, 2019

Brigit Anna McNeill - The wild medicine

I see your hurts, your fears and your sorrow.
I see them like crumpled black lumps, and brittle edged bits that feel heavy and uncomfortable in your flesh.
But I also see your immense bravery,
your wisdom and your courage. It grows from you like tendrils of medicine plants; wild and wise.
And this medicine that is within you, is stronger than your hurts, your sorrows and your fears.
It’s bigger than you realise.
You are so very courageous and you can do big things, hard things, beautiful things and monumental things.
I wish you could see what shines from you,
I wish that you could wrap those wild vines of courage around you. The ones of wisdom and truth, of power and bravery.
Wearing them like a cloak, a dress or a second skin; absorbing and feeling the wild medicine it brings you, for you have grown it from within, they are seeds of your knowing and they can’t be taken from you.
You have made it through everything and now it’s time to see yourself as the warrior and tender lover of your own being.
The one who grows medicine weeds and sweet flowers from the concrete cracks of their life.


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