Monday, May 28, 2018

J. M. Harrison - This...

There is nothing to seek, because the reality we search for is something we already are. Every single one of us is awakened when we deny the veils created by the ignorant mind which disguise and obstruct our true nature, for by decreasing our “I” we systematically increase the recognition or remembrance of our true being. The process of looking at ourselves without allowing the old controlling mind pulling the wool over our eyes is a pathway towards deeper knowing.

Are we ready to let go of the ‘self’ that we and others have spent a lifetime inventing? For many in this world, this is too much to ask. To reveal to oneself that the ‘life’ we have constructed was in fact carried out by poor workmanship, built with materials of inferior quality, with only one guarantee, that one day it will all fade away to nothing is too much to contemplate. But there, beyond the invented veils of the mind of “I”, in the farthest depths of our being, is the only reality worth realizing, one’s eternal self, and our true identification. An awareness of consciousness that has been built from the highest quality material, and made to last beyond time itself.

The veils so readily proposed by the addictive mind indicate that we want this or want that, need to be this, or need to be seen as 'something' in this world, but this is all a hallucination. What is real is this instant of peace, this sense of love, this reality of arriving beyond the thoughts of the mind, returning home like the long lost prodigal sons and daughters that we all are. It is in this place that you never left that you reveal your true self. The constant noise of thought, like some annoying interference heard on an old fashioned radio, is gradually dissolved by tuning in to your innermost reality, the real you. This is the true recognition of the underlying self, rediscovered by stripping away rather than adding to, revealing rather than accumulating. What you naturally are is this pure aliveness that is formlessness.

Eventually a point arises where there is no more “I”, for all conscious thought has ceased to occupy the addictive mind. This reveals the true nature of man, the reality behind the misleading overcoat of matter, the essence of the true self that has not left you for one second and yet somehow the revelation of a complete experience of life.


If I could give you anything,
It would be this.
This instance, this feeling, this reality.
For this is all we are.

I would give you myself,
And in giving myself,
You would recognise your own self,
Which is one and the same.

If I could show you true love,
I would not give you a kiss,
But I would bare you my soul,
Share it with you.

And if I could do one thing more,
Before I leave this place,
I would give you my all,
I would give you... this.