Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Taya Malakian - Learning to fly

I am rising up
In this moment
Above all the sorrows and joys
Of my small world
Raising myself
To a place above it all
Where I become
It All.
Suddenly there is no fear
Of the future
For I can see it all in this
And understand not how
but that the pieces of my life all fit together.
The past looses it’s grip on me
As well
As I can see what bridges need to be burned
so that there will be no going back.
I have no need for bridges as
I am learning to fly.
And as I take to the air
I can take with me the only real treasure I have found-
The fuel of my soul
Which keeps me aloft
Regardless of my earthly altitude.

 in the book Sutra Of Stars Available Here 

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