Monday, May 30, 2016

Chuck Surface - When

 When the perceiver vanishes,
The perceived vanishes, as well,
And yet, perceiving remains.

But… of what?

When the experiencer vanishes,
The experienced vanishes, as well,
And yet, Experiencing remains.

But… of what?

When all Duality vanishes,
Lover and Beloved vanish, as well,
And yet, Love remains.

Words, tragically inept to describe,
The Nature of that which we are,
When we are not.

What Unfathomable Mystery is this,
To cease, yet remain,
As Heaven.

What greater Mystery still,
To discover Heaven,
The Vanishing of all things...

Shining in the Experience of all things.

To feel one's self formless in form,
Alive in the Dream of space and time,
As.. Life Itself.

Existing... as Existence.

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