Friday, January 1, 2016

Wu Hsin - This That

Electricity by itself does not provide illumination.
It requires an instrument, such as a light bulb.
The subject cannot perceive itself.
To do so, an objectification and an instrument
that can perceive said objectification are required.

Being is what witnesses the world.
Yet, there is That which witnesses Being.
As this Perceiving, It situates Itself in time
and tasks the mind to provide the entertainment.
It is Spectating the spectacle.

Clear, eyes open sight is the apprehension
that whatever appears comes to be seen
as the interaction between the Absolute and Its objective expression.
This is a recognition, a knowing that in It
and through It the entire universe and its activities are supported.

Antecedent to Conscious Being,
It is that which can not be observed by definition,
and which by Itself constantly illumines all.

It is that which exists fully and is not state-dependent.
It is That which knows, not a knower, but Perceiving as such.
It is That on which existence depends.
Itself, It exists as nothing; but It is at the root of everything.
It is That which once known, nothing else need be known.

That Itself stages a play with Itself,
first revealing, then perceiving, then experiencing Itself.

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