Thursday, October 29, 2015

U.G.Krishnamurti - No self

I discovered for myself and by myself 
that there is no self to realize — 
that's the realization I am talking about. 
It comes as a shattering blow. 
It hits you like a thunderbolt. 
You have invested everything in one basket, self-realization, 
and, in the end, suddenly you discover 
that there is no self to discover, no self to realize — 
and you say to yourself 
"What the hell have I been doing all my life?!" 
That blasts you.


  1. I had the same realization several years ago... with the same thought: Now what am I going to do? LOL :)

    1. Well, without a self, who is there to do anything?....LOL is the best remedy...Laugh out loud...❤