Friday, October 30, 2015

Elliot Sullivan - A Useless Man

He’s a man concealed in mystery,
Among the greats of history.
A timeless being of the ages
Emerging from long lines of sages.
He speaks the wisdom of the ancients;
He is the very source of patience.
Existing beyond the reach of space
The absolute is his resting place.
He sees the unseen; he breathes the between.
He only appears as a transparent screen.
He’s a vagabond who’s gone to the beyond,
A useless wizard whose cane is his wand.

He’s got the world on a string which he flies like a kite.
And he removes everything that is blocking the light.
His ship is freedom; his flag is unfurled.
He sails you far beyond this world.
In the blink of an eye you don’t know who you are.
You’ve grown and evolved. You’ve traveled so far.
Then he takes you in his aeroplane
And flies you past the cosmic domain.
He flies you past your greatest fear
Until you finally disappear.

But be careful! He plays hide and seek.
If you don’t seek, then he will hide.
But if your yearning is at its peak,
He’ll be right there right by your side
Until the “I and mine” has died.

And yet there’s no one there; he can’t be found
He’s beyond time and space, beyond light and sound.
There’s no one there; he can’t be found
Unless Knowledge knows and love abounds.
There’s no one there; he can’t be found
Unless roots sink deep into the ground.
There’s no one there; he can’t be found.
Because he’s everywhere; he’s all around.

Yes, he can’t be found; there’s no one there.
But if you’re drowning in despair,
He’ll fill your cup even as you weep
And lift you up with love so deep
That you know for sure he’s not apart.
He’s there embedded in your heart.
With love so sweet and love so tender
He’s found forever in surrender. 

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