Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jeff Foster - An Intimacy of One

We are all alone
Unique expressions of life
Never-to-be-repeated waves of the ocean of consciousness
Intimate with our own first-hand experience
When we reject our aloneness
When we turn from our unique perspective
We feel lonely
Even in a crowd
Even at a party
Even when surrounded by a billion waves or more
But when we embrace our aloneness
When we cherish the closeness of our own breath
We no longer feel lonely
Or isolated, disconnected, separate
For we remember our oceanic nature 

Our undivided presence
I am what you are
You are what I am
And that is love
And that is inexplicable closeness
Even at a distance
And so we are alone, together
Together, alone
Waves of the same ocean
We move as One
One can be the loneliest number
Yet it can also be
the most liberating

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