Monday, December 22, 2014

Gangaji - Enlightenment...

That which you yearn for, that which you hunger for, is That which is always present. That is who you truly are.

When I say you, I am not referring to your body. Your body is in that. I am not referring to your thoughts. Your thoughts are in that. I am not referring to your emotions. Your emotions appear in and disappear in that. I am not speaking of your circumstances. Circumstances too appear in and disappear out.

Bodies, thoughts, emotions, and circumstances change. They appear and disappear. They may be good or bad. They may be pleasing or displeasing. The truth of who you are is permanent and unmoving. The great, good news is that however you might imagine yourself, you can recognize who you truly are. Regardless of the experience of yourself as a body, or as the thought, I am this body, you can receive the direct transmission of the truth from your own Self. That transmission is satsang. Satsang confirms your true identity as pure consciousness, free of all perceived constraints.

When this good news is heard, really heard, there is immeasurable opening. No one has ever reported an end to realizing the Self. What does end is the preoccupation with imagining yourself to be some particular entity separate from boundless consciousness.

Self-realization is not something that can be captured in words. Although words will be used, no word that anyone has ever spoken has touched the glory of the true Self. I am here to point to that, to celebrate that, and to laugh at the very flimsy excuse that something could ever really obstruct.

I do not have anything to teach you. Self-realization is not about learning. I am not asking you to remember anything. I am not asking you to do anything or to get anything new. Nothing new is needed. I am asking you to realize you are already that which you want. And I am simply suggesting, as my teacher suggested to me, and as his teacher suggested to him, that you take one instant, one millisecond to allow the activity of the mind to stop.

In that millisecond, what a discovery is made! In that millisecond, you receive the invitation to surrender to what is revealed when there is no attention on body, thought, emotion, or circumstance. This is a momentous instant! In this instant the body is gone. In this instant of perfect silence you discover what is permanently here, what has always been here, what is permanently you. This instant of silence is the invitation to true refuge, true retreat, true peace, regardless of comings and goings.

What an instant this is! In this instant there is no dwelling on the past, there is no speculating on the future, and there is no analyzing the present in relation to the past or the future. In this instant there is no mental preoccupation, there is no conditioned existence. There is only that pure, pristine consciousness. In this instant you are in satsang.

Somehow, by some stroke of good luck, your individual consciousness has been called to satsang. You have heard the words that you are Truth itself. Now you are free to discover yourself as Truth. You are free to rest in that Truth. You are free to be happy, regardless of bodies, thoughts, emotions, or circumstances. You are free to be who you truly are.

~ Gangaji
"You Are That!". 

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