Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Adyashanti - In love with a mystery

When we are in relationship as our own radiant emptiness, the relationship is beautiful because we are being what we are. Essentially we are in love with a mystery. Mystery is in love with itself. When this mystery is in relationship with an other, whether the so-called other is the flower, the bird, the wind, the coldness, or a human being, it relates to these as an expression of the same mystery. This is true sacred relationship, when we see that we are really in relationship with the manifestation of the mystery: here as this, here as that, here as him, here as her, here as coldness, here as bitterness, here as sweetness, here as boredom, here as grief, here as happiness, here as confusion, and here as clarity. All is a manifestation of the mystery. The real groundwork of dharmic relationship is relationship with that mystery, with our own self.

...from 'Emptiness dancing'

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